Secret of the ‘Starbucks Diet’ and other Diets Like it

I was reading the news today and came across a story about the Starbucks Diet and how a Librarian by the name of Christine Hall lost 85 pounds eating only at Starbucks! Naturally I was curious as losing 85 pounds is no small thing. Was Christine living on coffee? Does Starbucks have some magical snack…

Flat Belly Solution Review

Flat Belly Solution Review Does the Flat Belly Solution by Isabel De Los Rios really work? Read our review to find out! Score: 4.5 Website: Click Here Owner: Isabel De Los Rios Company: Live Smart Solutions, LLC Delivery: eBook (PDF) Instant Download > Visit The Flat Belly Solution Welcome to our review of the Flat…

An Experts Guide to Power Juicing Review

Our Review of An Experts Guide to Power Juicing Score: 4 Website: Click here By: Libby Sanderson Costs: $15.97 Delivery: Instant eBook Download Click To Learn More Welcome to our Review of An Experts Guide to Power Juicing. We take Diet Reviews seriously, and we thoroughly read every diet plan we review so you can be confident that the information on…

The Alkaline Diet Review

The Acid Alkaline Balanced Diet claims that acid in your system contributes to obesity and disease, and that to lose weight you need to eat alkalizing foods. Does this program work? Read our review to learn more.

The Diet Solution Program Review

Can The Diet Solution Program by Isabel De Los Rios really help you lose weight for good? We read and reviewed the Diet Solution Program and found that this diet plan has a lot of good aspects to it. The program has a custom feature that may make DSP work better for you than other diets you’ve tried in the past. Read our review for details ->

Truth About Abs Review

The Truth About Six Pack Abs promises to help you build a washboard stomach without having to do hundreds of crunches and sit ups. Come to find out, stomach exercises are the last thing you need to do if you want to build 6-pack abs! Read our review to see if The Truth About Six Pack Abs is the right weight loss and exercise program for you…

Fat Burning Furnace Review FBF Diet

Welcome to our Fat Burning Furnace Review. We take Diet Reviews seriously, and completely read every diet plan we review so you can be confident that the information on this page is as accurate and honest as we can make it.

We found Fat Burning Furnace to be one of the most complete diet and weight-loss programs on the market, and encourage you to read our whole review to learn why. Read More →

Every Other Day Diet Review (EODD)

The Every Other Day Diet plan, by Jon Benson, is a diet program that let’s you ‘cheat’ every other day while still losing weight. Is it really possible to eat whatever you want every other day on a diet plan while still losing weight? Is the Every Other Day Diet the right weight loss program for you? Read our review of EODD to find out!