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Truth About Abs - The Truth About Six Pack Abs

Our Truth About Abs Review:

Our Rating: 4.5


Owner: Michael Geary

Company: Truth About Abs

Delivery Method: eBook Digital Download (PDF)

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Truth About 6 Pack Abs eBook

Welcome to our Truth About Abs Review. We download and fully read every plan that we review, so you can be sure that the information you’re reading is as honest and accurate as we could make it.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs is an eBook (PDF), which means that immediately after purchase you can download and read the entire program on your computer or e-reader. You’ll also have access to the Truth About Abs bonus tools.

The Truth About six Pack Abs Program

The Truth About Abs Program includes:

  • The Truth About Six Pack Abs 142 page PDF eBook
  • Your Personal Metabolic Calculator
  • Access to an exclusive Men’s Health Magazine Interview
  • Free Trial Subscription to Lean Body Fitness Secrets eMagazine

The program has 2 optional upgrades –

  • The Fat Burning Kitchen Program 119 page eBook
  • Super Foods Recipe Book 34 page eBook

Which we discuss at the bottom of this review.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs Basics

The Truth About Six Pack Abs has an excellent track record of helping people gain leaner, healthy bodies, as well as developing great six pack abs! It’s designed for men and women alike, and includes diet and a fitness components. The Truth About Six Pack Abs is a respected and comprehensive program, filled with sound nutrition, diet and fitness guidance, which is presented in a way that’s easy to understand and follow, regardless of your level of starting fitness.

1. The Diet Plan: In the 142-page The Truth About Six Pack Abs book the author, Michael Geary, begins with detailed chapters on proper meal frequency, enjoying cheat meals, stabilizing insulin, and keeping your metabolism high. He then outlines the plan’s food choices, which emphasizes eating whole foods.

What makes the Truth About Six Pack Abs stand out from many others, is Mike’s warnings about pre-packaged diet and other processed foods. To support his position, he gives us some powerful statistics that show how processed foods have negatively impacted American’s health and weight over the past 50 years. He especially advises against using foods that include what he terms ‘the two evil ingredients’ that are found in most processed foods. He explains that these two evil ingredients will sabotage any type of diet.

> Learn More About the Two Evil Ingredients Here

Truth About Abs goes on to share some of the best unprocessed, tasty foods that can easily replace most of the processed foods we consume. Mike also tells us that by following his dietary lifestyle, we can eliminate calorie counting and still slim our waistlines naturally. This aspect of the diet plan was my favorite, as I find calorie counting highly unappealing.

2. The Excercise Plan: The Truth About 6 Pack Abs exercise plan focuses on combining cardio exercise with strength training for a modified high intensity workout. Micheal Geary’s Six Pack Abs excercise routine is efficient, in that it can be completed in 3 40-60 minute sessions per week. It’s easiest if you have access to a gym, but Mike also provides alternative workouts that use your body in place of weights.

While high intensity cardio-strength training has been around for a while, what makes the Truth About Six Pack Abs routine different is that it focuses on full body training, where you lift weights that involve several muscles in a single exercise. Mike states that these type of exercises produce 2-4 times the result as traditional exercises completed on a machine. To further enhance your results you’ll do 2-3 sets with only briefs rests between sets. In this way you enjoy the benefit of a cardio workout at the same time as you’re lifting weights. The nice surprise is that each routine ends with only 2-3 abs exercises, since the entire weight-lifting routine engages the abs.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs Pros:

  • Truth About Abs works and results are supported by a large number of testimonials
  • Provides a wealth of information, yet uses an easy, step-by-step program
  • Mike Geary is a well-known author with a solid reputation
  • Program includes the most current diet and health advice available today
  • Truth About Abs is a common sense plan for long term living

Truth About Abs Cons:

  • No in-person or community support
  • May feel restrictive if your diet consists largely of processed foods

The Truth About Six Pack Abs is right for you if:

You’re ready to bring your body to the next level! This will require adjustments to your diet, including reducing or eliminating processed foods, as well as moderate-high intensity strength training three times a week. If you can make the adjustments you should reach your ideal weight, build enviable six-pack abs, and enjoy optimal long-term health!

Our Take:

Mike Geary’s Truth About Abs is a powerful and credible program, which he created after years of researching solutions to his personal obesity challenge. His body transformation serves as one of his many testimonials – which includes many satisfied customers over the years. Mike is also a Certified Nutrition Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer, and he includes other successful diet and fitness experts in his program, such as Holly Rigsby of Fit Yummy Mummy. We feel that The Truth About Six Pack Abs is in a league by itself due to the level of well-researched dietary and exercise information it provides. We also respect Mike’s conviction in speaking out against the processed food industry, as processed food is one of the largest causes of obesity.

If you’re looking for a weight loss program that will also help you build attractive, lean muscle mass, we recommend you click the button below to visit the Truth About Abs website.

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The Truth About Six Pack Abs Optional Upgrades

While we think that it would be nice if both upgrades were included in the main Truth About Abs program, we understand that some people may not find these product useful as they’re more focused on Mike Geary’s exercise routines and less interested in cooking and dietary guidelines.

That said, if you also need help in the kitchen and are looking for a streamlined diet plan, we recommend you add both upgrades to your order. Remember that you can return them for up to 60 days if you’re unhappy with them for any reason.

The Fat Burning Kitchen Upgrade

Fat Burning Kitchen

Fat Burning Kitchen

Fat Burning Kitchen is an excellent value and in our opinion is a necessary upgrade to the Truth About Abs program. The Fat Burning Kitchen gives you additional nutritional details about the main Truth About Six Pack Abs Program and also provides a step-by-step plan to help you removed food that aren’t on the plan from your kitchen.

Fat Burning Kitchen also contains a list of foods to add to your kitchen shelves to replace the unhelpful foods you’ve removed. The upgrade is completed with a solid explanation as to why these foods support a high level of fat burning, and how this translates to a slimmer and tighter set of abs.

We found the information contained in this eBook helpful, but if you already have a good understanding of which foods you should and shouldn’t be eating to maximize fat burning, then it definitely isn’t necessary.

The Super Foods Recipes eBook

Super Food Recipes

Super Food Recipes

Super Foods Recipes is full of great recipes that will help you create simple, tasty meals so you can keep cooking and prep time minimal while still giving your body excellent fuel. We found the included videos to be excellent also, as the speaker is another Certified Nutritionist, Isabel De Los Rios, who changed her body through better eating habits.

In this short but powerful video she brings us into her kitchen, where she shows us some so-called healthy meals that aren’t so healthy – and then shows you simple, healthy alternatives that will promote optimal fat burning and health.

The Super Foods Recipes PDF is an excellent addition to the Truth About Abs Program, and we recommend including it in your order. Remember that both upgrades and the main program are covered under a 60-day no questions asked money-back warranty, so if you’re unhappy with either of the upgrades for any reason, you can return them.

What Now?

We hope you’ve found our The Truth About Six Pack Abs Review helpful. If you’re interested in improving your body and getting great abs, we recommend you click the button below to visit The Truth About Six Pack Abs Website.

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Truth About Abs Testimonials:

“Mike – I have been following your workout plans from the Truth About Six Pack Abs for past couple months. I wanted you to know that I have seen great results. When I started I was 190 lbs, waist 35 inches, bench was 165lbs.

I’m now 175 lbs, with a waist of 33 inches, and benching 225lbs. Your full body workouts are some of the best I’ve ever used. I’m also making much better food choices now based on your advice and staying away from the junk I used to have trouble with. Thanks for everything.”

John P. Hembree, Sergeant, US Military
From Truth About Abs Site

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“Hello Mike, Thanks for your ebook Truth About Abs. I used it in the first 5 months or so this year and had great results! … I am down now to between 7-8% body fat (according to my Tanita scale), have lost a total of 3-4 inches in the waist, lost a total of about 24 lbs, and got my 6 pack abs! I do have a lot of people ask me about weight loss supplements, but I have started telling people to forget it and get your book instead. Thanks,

John Howlett
From Truth About Abs Site

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“Dear Mike, I thoroughly read your e-book a few weeks ago but have been too busy lately to get myself to the gym. However, I did start applying your diet and food recommendations, and even with just that, I’ve already lost 6 lbs (10 lbs to go). I finally got to the gym this morning and printed out your e-book to bring with me.

I did some of the workout examples you specified like the one arm snatches, dumbbell swings, staggered lunges and all the ab exercises (from level 3). Man, that was one of the best and most intense workouts I have had in ages! I did not waste hours jogging or doing all that other stuff I used to do (which by the way never got me anywhere). I am so excited to go back to the gym and have your book with me as a personal trainer’s guide.

Thank you so much!”

Laura Kawasmi, Brownsville, TX
From Truth About Abs Site

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“Hi Mike, I’m a 52 year old woman who started your truth about abs program about 3 to 4 weeks ago. Yesterday a colleague of mine said, “you’re looking very toned, what are you doing?” I felt GREAT!! It’s working!!! Thanks Mike, I was one of those 1 & 1/2 hr treadmillers and couldn’t understand (even though I look good) why I couldn’t get rid of those fat pockets! Now I understand. I will keep you abreast of my progress… Again, thank you,

Cynthia Ward, Locust Grove, Georgia
From Truth About Abs Site

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“Hey Mike – Just wanted to say thanks for making such a good book. Ive only been using it for about 2 weeks and I can already feel my pants starting to loosen and I have the confidence to go outside without feeling like I have to wear a sweatshirt to hide my gut. Thanks again for your work,

Jason K. C., North Dakota
From The Truth About Six Pack Abs Site

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Disclaimer – Not everyone will experience these kind of results with The Truth About Six Pack Abs program, and our Truth About Abs review does not guarantee success. Results will vary based on your situation and circumstance, and you may not expect to do as well. Each of the success stories above was the result of following the Truth About Six Pack Abs Program.

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  1. I couldn’t seem to lose that last few pounds that kept my belly flabby, Truth About Six Pack Abs almost instantly helped me tear those pounds of flab away which revealed my six pack. Get this, you’ll be very happy you did!

  2. Get it! Great product and a great site..

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