Top 3 Ways to Reduce Cellulite

Summer’s here!  Maybe you need a new bathing suit? Have you shopped for one and become disguisted when you looked at your skin in the dressing room mirror? Okay, the flourescent lighting isn’t complimentary to anyone. But if you have noticable cellulite, this can damage your self esteem– and your shopping efforts. Looking good in the summer is on everyone’s mind, so in this article we’ll address the top 3 ways to reduce cellulite.

First a little background information. While you know what cellulite looks like, do you know what it is? Those dimples on the skin are composed of stale lymphatic fluid and fat pockets under your skin’s connective tissue. Due to our hormonal makeup, cellulite largely plagues women. Anyone can get it- young or old, but usually it occurs after we reach puberty and may increase as we get older.

What causes cellulite?

Several factors may be involved, but most researchers agree that there are 2 major causes of cellulite:

  1. A Sedentary lifestyle that contributes to poor circulation– which then causes lymphatic fluids to stagnate under the skin.
  2. Hormones such as estrogen that encourages fat cells to form in groups around certain areas such as hips, thighs, belly and buttocks. Estrogen also causes fat cells to swell, which further traps those lymphatic fluids within your fat pockets.

These swelling fat pockets and excess, trapped lymphatic fluid show up as dimpled skin – or cellulite.

Our modern diet also plays a part, with processed foods, excess sugar and salt as the main culprits. More research is needed to confirm this role, but it’s something to watch.

Let’s face it, if you have noticable cellulite you’re frustrated! That’s why many women  spend tons of money each year on expensive creams, pills and skin treatments. Unfortunately, many of these remedies are ineffective and are simply a way for companies to make money from our frustration around this epidermal nuisance.

The Top 3 Ways to Reduce Cellulite

1. Support Your Lymphatic System

There are a few popular and effective methods that help drain the lymphatic fluids from your body.One proven technique is to utilize massage therapy. Specially-trained massage therapists can help move trapped lymphatic fluids from problem areas such as hips, buttocks, the belly and thighs. This therapy is proven to reduce cellulite and keep it away for more than 8-10 years after treatment.

Another way to support lymphatic circulation and drainage is through targeted exercise. Jumping on a trampoline for 10 minutes a day is one of the best exercises to support your lymphatic system. Other great exercises include jumping rope, walking and even strength training — which supports healthy skin. Whatever you do…move!

2. Make Use of Caffein’s Natural Properties

One proven and inexpensive way to reduce cellulite is to mix used coffee grounds with baby oil and put this mixture on the skin. True enthusiasts of this method even wind a layer of  Reynolds Wrap over the grounds and let it sit for 10 minutes. If you do this twice a week for a few months you’ll see a difference– even without the wrap!

If this seems like too much trouble, there are pre-made Caffeinated Creams on the market, which you can apply to your skin during your shower. (Turn the water off for a few minutes to let it sit,  for best results. Then rinse off).

The reason behind this technique is caffein’s well-documented dehydrating and fat burning properties. Caffein literally pulls excess fluids from the skin when applyed to hips, buttocks and thighs! Plus the fat burning properties helps to melt the fat, too.

3. Alternative Treatments Such as Light and Radio Therapy

These are newer treatments, which are best when used as a complement to  the other two therapies. Some skin specialists use infrared light therapy, while others swear by radio frequencies to help tighten skin, encourage circulation and break up fat trapped in skin pockets.

Not as much is known about how these treatments work, but when used together they have been shown to reduce cellute- even without any other treatment. The  idea is that light and sound both have frequencies, which can help skin on a cellular level.

Add These Techniques to Support Your Efforts

In addition to these tips, a good diet is important. Avoid eating too many processed foods–  especially sugar and starches. Try and eat pure foods that have fewer preservatives, pesticides and other toxins. Keep salt intake to the recommended level, as well – to avoid excess water retention.

Finally, remember that a lean body will naturally support tighter, healthy skin. Rather than rewarding yourself with extra desserts, fries and fast food- try a spa treatment, massage and plenty of  rest.  You can expect best results when you live a healthy lifestyle, combined with any or all of these top 3 ways to reduce cellulite. If you’re looking for a  proven way to lose weight, we recommend that you consider the Fat Burning Furnace program. It focuses on simple diet and exercise methods that will help you feel and look your best.

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