The Powerful Benefits of Juicing: One Man’s Story

Last week I went to a sneak peak of an upcoming film called Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.  The film’s producer and subject is Joe Cross, an Australian and a successful businessman. Joe documents how he used a diet of fresh juice to drop 90 pounds while traveling the united states. Joe’s film, his story and his approach to his health bring a message to those of us who want to be leaner and healthier.

About 3 years ago Joe weighed 325 pounds, which is a solid 90 pounds over his ideal weight. He got that way by eating too many burgers, fries, pizza and beer. No surprise there! He tried to lose weight using a variety of methods, but nothing worked. Joe stayed fat.

Then Joe became ill with a rare disease – an autoimmune condition that caused rashes and inflammation to cover his skin from head to toe. There is no known cure for his condition, and with flare-ups happening on a regular basis, Joe found himself taking vast quantities of medications to retain any quality of life at all. From this condition was born the title of the movie. Joe was fat, sick and nearly dead.

Joe Cross JuicingOne day he woke up and decided to serve as a guinea pig for his own recovery. He had little to lose from a health standpoint. So what did Joe do? He flew from Australia to New York and embarked on a radical plan. The plan was to do a juice fast for 60 days. He would use a juice machine,  fresh veggies, greens and fruit. He would drink it throughout the day.  He would eat no food.  No meat, sugar, coffee, pizza, alcohol, or other comfort foods.

Further, Joe felt he needed to support his efforts by removing himself from his day-to-day life, which is why he came to the U.S. But that wasn’t enough for Joe. He decided to use this time to create a film, where he would enlist a handful of other people to join him in his unusual experiment, while traveling coast to coast and asking people about their lives, their health and their eating habits.

I thoroughly enjoyed Fat Sick & Nearly Dead, where I got to witness Joe travel the country, while he dropped 1.5 pounds a DAY until he lost 90 pounds! His bloated body transformed to long, lean, and muscular and his face lost it’s plumpness while his chiseled features came to life. His spirits lifted as he lowered his dependence on medicine – and by the end of 60 days he was able to stop medication completely!

Joe Cross VeggiesNow you may wonder if this was some type of starvation diet. Joe assures us that it is not, and that he was never overly hungry. Most of the time he was satisfied completely. Also, he was strictly under his doctor’s supervision.  His blood was drawn once a week, and it showed a picture of lowered cholesterol and improved levels of iron and calcium. Meanwhile his blood pressure dropped to good levels quickly. Not a single problem ever showed up; rather improvements were noted across the board. Best yet, his rare autoimmune disorder disappeared completely after about 6 weeks!

During this time, Joe signed up a truck driver, named Phil onto the juicing plan. Phil was over 400 pounds, morbidly obese and suffering from the same condition. Over the course of filming and producing this story, Phil lost over 200 pounds, his condition cleared up, and he literally became a new man. Another woman who had experienced migranes regularly stopped having them after just 10 days.

People have been fasting throughout the history of mankind, and dating back from the biblical days. It’s been used as a cleansing process, a religious or spiritual rite, and just a boost for good health.

With approval from your doctor, the benefits of juice fasting include:

  • Juicing provides complete micro-nutrition including the vitimins and minerals we need
  • It gives your body a rest period from eating, while providing superb nutrition
  • The nutrients are easily assimilated into the body with little digestive effort
  • It can serve as a ‘reset’ button, teaching our taste buds to enjoy more nutritious foods
  • It can help you overcome sugar, carb, fat, alcohol and caffeine cravings
  • It can help heal your body from a wide variety of illnesses
  • People who fast occasionally have been shown to enjoy higher cognitive skills and concentration capability
  • It can be an excellent way to lose weight!

As the movie came to a close, a handsome, vibrant man was introduced to step up front. It was Joe –  in person. He looked fit, alive and humble about his great results. He told us that the film wasn’t about him, it was about all the people who are now doing juice fasts around the U.S., like Phil – as a response to the epidemic of obesity we face today.

Moderating food can be a very difficult challenge, as you may know, and juicing takes the guesswork out of eating – since you’re only drinking. You don’t need to go the extreme that Joe did with fasting.

Joe states that a short, 7-10 day fast can provide a great weight loss opportunity and health boost by drinking your nutrient-rich food. If this is something that inspires you to action, check out their website for more information and see what you think.

Would You Like to Try Juicing?

If you’re open to giving juicing a try, I recommend picking up a copy of The Experts Guide to Juicing. It’s an easy read and teaches you how to safely lose weight with juice fasting, as well as how to improve your health, what juices are best to drink (and why) and much more.

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We also often get asked what Juicer Joe Cross Uses. Joe like Breville Juicers, and you can read our review of Joe’s Juicer, the Breville BJE510XL Here.

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Note: If you’re considering a diet plan or juice fast always consult a physician before starting the plan. Also, those are photos of Joe Cross Juicing and carrying veggies that we got from his website – off of his approved press material page, so we assume they’re ok to use.



  1. If you go on a juice diet,say for 30 days,how does the body get protein?

    • Hi Berry – the short answer is that it won’t. That’s one of the issues we have with juicing, however if your goal is to lose fat quickly, a juice fast will give you very impressive results. Also, if you lose a lot of fat your body doesn’t need as much muscle to carry itself around.

      If you want to burn fat AND build muscle, then you’ll want to use a different weight loss plan.

  2. Does body alkalinity make a difference. If it does, do you recommend “clay water,” “lemon juice,” or other to acheive a more alkaline state in one’s body during the fast?

    • Hi Bill, Kathy is a big believer in the importance of alkalinity. Lemon juice in water is a good alkalizer, plus the veggie juice you drink on Joe’s diet is highly alkalizing.

  3. is it any green vege and any fruit or is it just green apples

    • Hi Dee – the only fruit that Joe uses is green apples. It’s best if the juice is primarily from vegetables as juiced fruit contains a lot more sugar, and sugar causes insulin spikes which kicks your body into fat storage mode instead of fat burning mode.

  4. Hi I have been interested in doing a juice diet. I gained about 20 pounds over the summer and I want to get back to where I used to be before Halloween(for a costume). Do you think given that we are a week into sept. I can still accomplish this goal by Halloween? Will it be noticeable by that time?

    • Hi Samantha – Kathy lost an honest 18 pounds in 1 month doing a juice fast, so it’s definitely doable by Halloween.

      That said be aware that if you do a long-term fast (juice or otherwise) you’re going to lose fat and muscle – not just fat. If you want to prevent this then I’d recommend doing shorter-term juice fasts, like 3 days at a time at most.

      Joe Cross (from the movie) recommends a 7/7/7 plan, whereby you eat only fruits and veggies for 7 days, then juice fast for 7 days, then go back on fruits and veggies for the last 7 days. A plan like that is much safer then doing just juice for 3+ weeks.

      Finally, make sure to get a checkup and run this by your doctor first. Joe was monitored by his doctors the whole time he was fasting, and you’re better safe than sorry. Good luck Samantha!

      • Where can I find a “meal plan” for the 7/7/7 or just a juice plan.

        I am going to embark on a fast, I have a juicer and am ready to go, but I can’t find what fruits and vegies to eat or what exactly to juice? Where are the recipes and plans?



  5. My friend’s daughter just started this and at first I was like….um…yeah….juicers are expensive. I have been on and off Atkins for a few months with fairly good results, but after two miscarriages in two months and having another family move in with us (for a total of ten people in the house) with WIDELY varying tastes I just didn’t want to add to the cooking burden in our kitchen. I bought a juicer today and thought what the heck I will start the juice diet thing this week. Then this evening, at the prompting of my friend’s daughter, I watched Joe’s movie and read this article….HOLY MOLY!! I am SO excited to do this!!! Thank you for all of the get started info and encouraging words!

    • Hi Lael – Thanks for sharing! I’m happy that Joe’s movie inspired you to try juicing. This past spring I did a juice fast – not as long as Joe’s- but it worked really well! I dropped 18 pounds in 30 days and felt better than ever.

      Good luck with your juice fast, and to you and your family with your health and fitness goals!

  6. I have a juicer but it seems to foam the juice so much. Do you have suggestions for the best juicer that is also affordable. Thanks!

    • Hi Kari – I’m not sure what you consider ‘affordable’ but the best juicers we’ve used are made by Breville. The unit that Joe recommends is around $150 – so not cheap, but they are well made and last forever. I’ve found that Amazon has the best prices in general, but I think Breville Juicers cost about the same everywhere. You might be able to find one for less on ebay too.

      Keep in mind that better quality juicers generally get more juice out of a given amount of fruits or vegetables, so over time a better quality juicer will pay for itself – in theory anyway.

      I hope that helps and good luck!

  7. Tiffany says:

    Hi! A friend of mine sent me the trailer for Joe’s movie two days ago. After just watching the trailer my mother and I have decided to do it. I’ve secured quite a few books at the local library on juicing and recipes for juicing. I am 34 years old. 6’4″ and 350 pounds. I once was thin and loved life. I had kidney failure unexpectedly and gained 130 pounds in 3 months from extreme doses of steroids. I have tried everything to lose, but I mostly will gain weight on diets. 2 years ago I was in a bad car accident where I seemed to just gain more because I could hardly walk for months. Joe’s story touched me because I feel the same. Fat, sick, and nearly dead because I hate how I look and feel. I have to say I am so excited to do this. I want to be healthy and enjoy life. I know that this is not a fix for all of life’s ailments but I need a reset button for how I feel and eat. I am willing to try this. It’s 60 days! Such a small amount of time to get your body on track!

    • Hi Tiffany – Just make sure you to talk to your doctor before you begin. Switching to juice can be tough on you for a couple days. Both Kathy and I tried it and after 3 or 4 days you do feel really great – must be all the nutrition you’re giving your body. Thanks for sharing and we wish you the best of luck!

  8. Hi,
    I’m wondering if you have the recipes (or combinations) of which types of fruits and vegetables you used to lose this weight. It cannot just be any fruits and any vegetables- I mean if it tasted horrible, you wouldn’t have been able to stick with it for that long. Thank you.

    • Hi Jessica,
      Check out this juicing for weight loss post on our website, where I give 2 of my favorite juicing recipes. You’re right about taste, if the juice tastes bitter I wouldn’t drink it. I also enjoyed just straight carrot juice, in addition to these recipes. Any juicing combination can taste good if you’ve got a little apple, grapefruit or carrot in it. These all help, as they add a touch of sweetness to greens. Beets can be tasty, too…adding body and richness to the juice. Best of luck to you!

  9. hi I’m 36 and 209 pounds ( i know ) FAT…. I want to know if besides losing weight we also lose ( not all of course ) the cellulitis.


    • Hi Katy,
      When we lose weight or get into shape, some of our cellulite lessens naturally. That said, juicing is a more powerful way to lose cellulite than many weight loss programs, in that it flushes toxins and excess fluid from our bodies. I just completed a juice fast a few months ago and my husband commented that my cellulite has dramatically lessened – a fact which I noticed, but was glad to hear! What also helps is to use a loofa and gently scrub the skin during showers – a practice the Japanese have used for centuries.

      It takes patience when dealing with cellulite, as it didn’t appear overnight, and it will take time to reduce or eliminate it. There are also great books written on the topic, which I’ve read. Some of them recommend certain supplements, and others talk about other ways to enhance circulation. Best to you, and thanks for stopping by our site.

  10. burcu mims says:

    Has the advantages of the juicing diet (as shown above) been scientifically proved?

    If so , may i learn the names of the articles?

    Thank you.

    • Thanks for your question! Dr. Mercola is highly respected and endorses juicing in this Can Juicing Lead to Happiness Article. This juicing website discusses the history of juicing, as well as some of the studies done that prove its’ benefits. This article states that juicing is scientifically proven to bring health benefits.

      I don’t know of any peer-reviewed studies that ‘prove’ these claims. Some of the results are certainly subjective. Juicing will lead to fast weight-loss, however, simply because you’re consuming far fewer calories than you need to maintain your weight.

      That said as with any health or weight loss plan you should consult your physician before juice fasting.

      Definitely check out Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. as it should be out by now. Good luck!

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