The Key to Permanent Fat Loss

Permanent Fat LossWhile many people go on diets and successfully lose weight, the majority gain back the lost weight within 6 months to a year – and many even tack on a few additional pounds! It’s critical to know how to keep body fat off once you’ve lost it, and this article we’ll share the one real key to permanent fat loss.

The One Key to Permanent Fat Loss:

The key ingredient for permanent fat loss is strong commitment. This may seem obvious, but here’s the piece that most people miss: Long-term commitment stems from clarity about your life values. If you’re happy eating sweets and treats and dread the thought of a diet, you’re setting yourself up for failure from the start. Whereas if your life values involve being lean, healthy, fit, active, and living a long life than you can use these goals to keep yourself naturally motivated and therefore committed to behavior that supports a healthy body. This is a much more powerful strategy than the alternative – struggling to keep fat off because of what society dictates, because family wants you to, or because you think you should.

All of this talk about values and commitment doesn’t mean you have to be perfect. Most diet gurus state that if you follow 90% of your weight loss program you can still get the same results as if you followed it 100% of the time. To help keep you on track with your permanent fat loss commitment on a daily basis, here are 7 simple steps.

7 Steps – Commit to a Permanent Fat Loss Plan:

  1. Clarify your values so you can really commit to your permanent fat loss plan. Before you do anything else, be sure you are clear about what’s most important to you right now. See where your personal health values fit in, and how much time you are willing to commit yourself. Take an hour to journal about it or talk to someone to get their perspective. It’s better to wait for a bit if you aren’t ready to commit quite yet. Once you’ve committed you can take the next steps.
  2. Find an accountability partner. Pick someone who can support you and hold you accountable to your goals. If your husband/wife likes to dine out on fattening foods, you’ll be better off finding someone else who isn’t invested in your dining choices. Be sure to share your values and goals with your partner.
  3. Start a structured diet plan. Choose a program that has both a weight loss and weight maintenance component. Accountability and structure are built into all good diet plans.
  4. Start a diet journal and write a page or so every day. It only takes 10 minutes, and this is a safe place where you can reflect on challenges and celebrate your successes privately. Put a ‘slim’ photo of yourself  in the journal and on your mirror.
  5. Measure: Note your starting weight and measurements, along with your goals. Documenting your progress greatly increases your chance of success. When you’ve reached your goal weight, continue tracking your statistics once a month.
  6. Follow up. Stay in touch with your accountability partner until you meet your goal, and continue to do so on a regular basis. When you hit your goal weight, let your partner know your plan for keeping the weight off. Then go to a movie and coffee, or a light lunch with this partner every 3 months to share your continued success.
  7. Reward yourself. Find healthy and fun ways to reward yourself. For instance, you could take a day trip to the beach with family, enjoying a treat or two that day, and walk or swim off most of the calories while having fun.

Valerie Bertinelli serves as an inspirational example of someone who has used these steps to obtain permanent fat loss. She shares her story of how she was tired of being fat and out of shape, and decided to change her values to a more healthy way of living. Then she began the Jenny Craig program, and used it to replace her poor eating habits with better ones. She reached her goal weight on Jenny Craig and then stuck with the plan, and has written a progress blog for over 2 years now. The difference between Valerie and many other paid celebrities is Valerie’s continued commitment to her new lifestyle. Now Valerie enjoys the long term benefits of her lifestyle choices.

When you are clear about your own values,  you can use these 7 tips to reinforce your own commitment to your long-term fat loss goals. Once a year take the time to evaluate your health and life goals again, to ensure continued success with your health and fitness.

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