The Diet Solution Program Review

The Diet Solution Program eBook

The Diet Solution Program

Score: 4.5

Owner: Isabel De Los Rios
Company: Live Smart Solutions, LLC
Review By: Rich Walker
Cost: $47.00
Trial Offer: Available for $1 click for details
Guarantee: 60-days Full Money Back
Delivery Method: eBook/PDF Digital Download.

The Diet Solution Success Journal

Diet Solution Success Journal

Done For Your Meal Plans

Done For Your Meal Plans

Food Shopping Guide

Food Shopping Guide

Metabolism Type Test

Metabolism Type Test

The Diet Solution Quick Start Guide

Diet Solution Quick Start Guide

Top 10 Nutrition Mistakes

Top 10 Nutrition Mistakes

Welcome to our review of The Diet Solution Program by Isabel De Los Rios. Unlike other reviews, we’ve read the Diet Solution Program eBook thoroughly so you can be confident that the information on this page is as accurate and honest as we could make it.

After reading the Diet Solution eBook we can confidently say that DSP is a very effective diet program, and one of the best diets we’ve reviewed on this site. Read on to learn why.

What’s included in The Diet Solution Program:

  • 96-page Diet Solution Program eBook
  • Metabolism Type Test
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Recipe Guide and Shopping List
  • Done for You Meal Plans
  • Exercise & Diet Success Journal
  • The Ten Most Common Nutrition Mistakes
  • 14 Days to a Sexy Body – Accelerated Program

The program offers 2 optional upgrades –

  • 24 Accelerator Audio Recordings by Isabel De Los Rios
  • Turbulence Training Special Workouts with Craig Ballantyne

After reviewing the entire package, we feel that while the standard Diet Solution Program is very complete on its’ own, we recommend that you also get the Turbulence Training Workouts upgrade, unless you already have a successful fitness routine. The second upgrade option (24 Audio Recordings by Isabel) is not as important. That said, the audios are well done and are an excellent value if you download them to an iPod for motivation while working out.

Isabel De Los Rios’ Two Powerful Secrets Revealed:

The Diet Solution Program contains two little-known but powerful secrets that will help your body to lose weight with less effort:

  1. Secret #1: Their are 3 different metabolic types, and your specific metabolic type directly determines what foods your body needs to easily lose weight and maintain weight loss.
  2. Secret #2: You can supercharge your weight loss efforts by removing specific foods from your diet that are keeping you fat – and you’ll be shocked when you learn what some of these food are!

Using the principles in these two secrets, the program consists of 3 Steps:

Step 1: Determine Your Metabolic Type: From pages 1-12 Isabel explains how we all fall into one of three categories when it come to our metabolism and its’ needs. Depending on your metabolic type you will have your own unique needs when it comes to balancing your intake of protein, carbs, and fats.

In other words, while everyone needs protein, some people need more protein than others, which explains why some people do well on a certain type of diet and others fail miserably. Once Isabel gives you this background info, you take a simple, 10-minute Metabolism Type test.

Finally, you’re given a chart that recommends the best food choices that support your needs for your metabolic type, which will result in a higher level of weight loss success.

Step 2: Create Your Personal Meal Plan: From pages 13-15 Isabel reviews calories, what they are and how all calories are not created equal. She explains that depending on your Metabolic type, certain calories- such as refined carbs for instance -will add fat to some people, while having little negative impact on others. She then has you refer to your FOOD CHART from step 1, which includes portion sizes to help you plan balanced meals.

She then gives you a blank meal planner which allows you select your favorite ‘best foods’ from the list and to plug them into the meal planner. This planning can be done weekly or daily but I would recommend doing it weekly and then using her shopping list and recipe guide to help you ensure a successful week. The planning process should only take about 1/2 hour per week – or no more than normal meal planning – once you are used to it.

Step 3: Choose The Best Foods: From pages 16-96 the Isabel emphasizes the often-overlooked value of nutrient-rich foods, and how to refine your diet around the best possible choices for you. She explains that while you want to plan your selections around your best metabolic choices (in Step 2), that the quality of the food you select makes all the difference in your success.

Isabel goes into detail explaining why organic foods support more weight loss, the difference between raw, organic dairy, vs. pasteurized dairy, and other topics such as creating an alkaline environment in our body for optimal weight loss.

This is also where Isabel De Los Rios covers the foods that are keeping you fat, and explains why you need to remove these foods from your diet to get to a healthy weight and stay there. The premise of this information is that a healthy body automatically sheds fat more easily.

Is Organic Food Really Necessary?

While we agree that organic food is better for your body and the environment, and Isabel strongly suggests that you buy organics, it’s important to note that no evidence has been found (yet) that organic foods promotes weight loss over conventional food. If you can’t afford organic food don’t let that stop you from following all the other tips in the Program. You can definitely lose weight without eating organic!

The Diet Solution Program Pros:

  • Isabel is a certified nutritionist, and has an excellent reputation in the health & fitness community
  • Metabolism Type may explain why some diets work well for you while others don’t
  • Allows you to create a more laser-targeted and individual diet to support easier fat loss
  • The Program is holistically designed, and based on the latest findings in the health and diet field
  • Proven program that is backed by a large number of testimonials
  • Emphasizes a mind-body connection that accelerate your results.
  • Provides a wealth of information, yet uses a fairly easy, step-by-step program
  • Tons of helpful bonuses included with the main diet program
  • Common sense plan for long term living

DSP Cons:

  • Metabolism Type questionnaire requires some food awareness to answer accurately and is a bit subjective
  • Validity of Metabolism Type is questionable, however this is an excellent weight-loss program even without metabolism-type element.

The Diet Solution Program is right for you if:

You appreciate a cost-effective, customized diet program that incorporates eating for your body’s specific metabolic needs with a long-term lifestyle approach.

Our Take:

Isabel De Los Rios

Isabel De Los Rios

Isabel De Los Rios has an obvious passion for health, fitness and nutrition, and has put together a unique, holistic approach to weight management. Isabel also covers many of the nuances that make a significant difference in your health and your weight management goals, such as explaining the importance of eating nutrient-rich foods.

Not only has Isabel’s Diet Solution Program helped tens of thousands of other lose weight, but Isabel is a living, breathing testimonial for her own diet program, as she’s lost considerable weight using the DSP Diet principles of matching Metabolism Type with proper nutrition. We think that her weight loss program is worth a look as it’s worked so well for many people – including Isabel De Los Rios herself.

Diet Solution Program Videos:

[flowplayer src=’The-Diet-Solution-Program-Isable-De-Los-Rios.flv’ splash=’isabel.jpg’]
Isabel Discusses the Diet Solution
[flowplayer src=’docarbsmakeyoufat.flv’ splash=’dsp-docarbsmakeyoufat.jpg’]
Do Carbs Make You Fat?


  1. Hey there, excellent post. Started this method three months ago and I am feeling really good. This system really works, I recommend it strongly. Thanks

  2. I don’t know the product except for what I have read here, but I like some of the concepts. Mind/body connection definitely is s step in the right direction. Let’s face it….the best nutrition plan in the world is pretty useless if the person’s mind is not on board with it too. Good work!

  3. By Using the Diet Solution Program, you will lose weight and at the same time you will gain an incredible amount of energy. You won’t believe the transformation you will see in your body. Besides, you will be overwhelmed with the reactions you will get from your friends and family.

  4. jeniffer says:

    Firstly I must say that this review is one of the best that I’ve found online about the diet solution program and it was really helpful for me.
    Overall The diet solution program is really great and the easy-to-follow complete meal plans and one-on-one personalized email consultation with Isabel De Los Rios are the best parts in this program.

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