The Alkaline Diet Review

The Alkaline Diet

Our The Alkaline Diet Review:

Score: 3.75

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Owner: Emma Deangela


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Power Energy Booster CD

Power Energy Booster CD

Creative Sensory Booster CD

Creative Sensory Booster CD

Body Confidence CD

Body Confidence CD

The Secrets of Organic Food

The Secrets of Organic Food

Quick Weight-Loss Report

Quick Weight-Loss Report

How to Boost Your Metabolism

How to Boost Your Metabolism

Welcome to our The Acid Alkaline Balanced Diet Review. We download and fully read every plan that we review, so you can be sure that the information you’re reading is as honest and accurate as we could make it. The Acid Alkaline Balanced Diet come in the form of an eBook, which means that the diet program and all the bonus books can be instantly downloaded after purchase.

What’s Included

The Alkaline Diet Includes:

  • The 93-page Acid Alkaline Balance Diet eBook
  • Bonus #1 – Health Subliminal CD/Audio – Power Energy Booster
  • Bonus #2 – Health Subliminal CD/Audio – Creativity Sensory Booster
  • Bonus #3 – Health Subliminal CD/Audio – Body Confidence Booster
  • Bonus #4 – The Secrets Of Organic Food eBook
  • Bonus #5 – Quick Weight Loss Report
  • Bonus #6 – How To Boost Your Metabolism Report
  • Bonus #7 – Extensive Acid Alkaline Food Chart & 10 Healthy Alkaline Recipes

The Alkaline Diet Basics

The Acid Alkaline Balanced Diet Program is a diet and lifestyle plan aimed at individuals who are looking to lose weight -and who also want to attain higher levels of health and vitality. The program focuses on eating an alkalizing diet, plus there’s a section on exercise, and proper breathing exercises.

The Alkaline Diet eBook has two parts:

  1. Part One: An Alkaline Diet and Why It’s Important
  2. Part Two: The Three Keys to Great Health: Food Combining (& Meal planning), Proper Breathing, and Proper Exercises to alkalize the body

Part One: An Alkaline Diet and Why it’s Important

From pages 1-27 The Alkaline Diet eBook shares how the Modern or Western (sometimes also called Standard American Diet, or S.A.D.) diet is making us overweight and sick. She explains how this modern diet upsets our body’s natural chemical balance – which should normally remain mildly alkaline. She then explains why an acidic body becomes overweight and attracts a host of modern illnesses. She backs up her information by citing evidence from medically-credentialed alkaline pioneers in the health, nutritional and medical field.

On pages 29-35 Emma Deangela discusses the condition called acidosis, which is a precursor to illnesses, and is the primary result of an overly acidic diet. She also tells us how we can test our own pH levels by using an inexpensive home kit. Anyone who’s overweight is generally too acidic, so this step isn’t absolutely necessary, but you might be curious to see what your levels are.

Finally, Emma explains what you can do to avoid or reverse the acidosis condition while losing weight as a natural result of your efforts.

Part Two: The 3 Keys to Great Health:

Key #1: Food Combining & Meal Planning – From pages 36-64 Emma Deangela continues to orient you to alkaline eating, has you evaluate your current meals, and then provides examples of more alkalizing meals if appropriate. She takes quite a bit of time helping you to learn which foods are the most alkalizing – which will naturally support weight loss and vitality.

Key #2: Proper Breathing – From pages 65-70 the author discusses the importance of deep breathing as an additional way to support proper alkalizing or oxygenation of the blood, cells, and tissues.

Key #3: Exercise – On pages 71-74 the book discusses the two categories of exercise and how one of these is most important in serving as the final key to alkalizing or oxygenating the blood. She also talks about properly supporting the lymphatic system, a critical system which is most often overlooked unless linked to illness.

On pages 75-93 she puts the food concepts together through use of an easy-to-understand Acid-Alkaline Food Chart. She also provides 10 alkalizing recipes to help you get started.

The Acid Alkaline Balanced Diet Free Bonuses:

The Alkaline Diet eBook is comprehensive and can stand on its’ own, without need for other supporting information. That said, whenever making any lifestyle or dietary change, it’s always helpful to have additional resources on hand. The audios and the books about organic foods complement the alkaline recipes found in the eBook and can increase your chance for success. We found the bonuses to be a solid addition to the overall program.

The Acid Alkaline Balanced Diet Pros:

  • The principles used in the Acid Alkaline Balanced Diet has been tested and proven to work for over 50 years
  • Provides powerful, eye-opening information about the pitfalls of our modern diet- and the opportunity for individuals to attain more vitality and reach their ideal weight naturally
  • Program includes the most current diet and health advice available today
  • It is a common sense plan designed for long-term living
  • Support: Has online chat available, plus monthly newsletters

The Alkaline Diet Cons:

  • May feel restrictive if your diet consists largely of meat and processed foods
  • If you follow to the letter, this diet advocates a largely vegetarian lifestyle (although this is not a requirement. See note below.)

Note: We’ve studied hundreds of diets, and the alkaline lifestyle specifically. Most of the top alkaline experts allow an alkaline diet to consist of a 70% – 30% ratio (70% alkaline food vs 30% acidic food) – rather than the 100% alkalizing foods that this eBook recommends.

In other words, you could follow this program and could elect to eat 70% of your diet using the alkalizing foods list and 30% from the acid-forming list. Acid-forming foods include lean meats, fish, dairy and some types of grains.

Example of Dinner: Large salad with lemon and olive oil dressing, 3-4 oz. Fish with stir-fry veggies

This minor but important adjustment could provide an easier dietary transition for you, while still providing the alkalizing weight loss and health benefits you want!

The Acid Alkaline Balanced Diet is right for you if:

You’re very committed to a long-term healthy body weight, as well as your health and vitality. Additionally, you may currently be experiencing lower energy, symptoms of ill health or are recovering from surgery – and you are looking for a tool to help you accelerate your progress.

The Alkaline Diet is also ideal for those who suffer from Gout, as Gout is a direct result of too much uric acid in the blood – which comes from eating an acidic, meat-oriented diet.

Our Take:

Emma Deangela is newer to the diet industry, but she speaks from her own powerful results in following an alkaline diet to lose weight and regain her own vitality. She learned the principles of health and alkalinity from a holistic practitioner, who then referred her to the alkaline pioneers – doctors, nutritionists and biochemists, for further research.

After years of studying and living the alkaline lifestyle, she skillfully used her experience and knowledge to create this comprehensive program. She also obtained and provides a number of testimonials from customers who have successfully used The Alkaline Diet.

The Alkaline Diet takes the idea of simply ‘eating healthy foods’, and delves deeper into the underlying principles of health and nutrition. The result is a better understanding of the way your body functions optimally. Most importantly, the alkaline diet breaks these nutritional principles into simple steps for you to follow – creating a simple, yet powerful tool to help you to feel great, to lose weight, and keep it off naturally.

What Now?

We hope you’ve found our The Acid Alkaline Balanced Diet Review helpful. Feel free to ask questions about the Alkaline Diet in the comments below. Otherwise if you’re interested in improving your health and enjoying a healthy weight as a natural result, we recommend you click the button below to learn more about the Acid Alkaline Balanced Diet.

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