Ten Healthy Ways to Lose Weight Fast!

Did you ever notice that there’s a widening gap between fit people and fat people? Really, try walking down the street, into a mall, or just about anywhere -and you’ll notice a large proportion of overweight and obese people, with only a scattering of lean individuals. Sadly, unless you’re one of the lucky lean ones – this type of gap can create an atmosphere where you simply want to give up on your weight!

Don’t despair, as there’s always hope if you make a few adjustments. In this post I’ll share ten healthy ways to lose weight fast -whether you’re following a diet or not!

Ten Healthy Ways to Lose Weight Fast!

    1. Walk every day!  Walking will help you set a positive intention. Plus you’ll stay more motivated, by being connected to your environment. The health benefits of  walking is well-documented…and it’s one of the the easiest ways to stay active. Try  and reach 45 minutes each day, but even 10-15 minutes will help.
    2. Add cayenne pepper and/or lemon to your water, and DRINK. Cayenne pepper and lemon (or lime) are both known to stimulate the metabolism and encourage weight loss. By sipping about 2 liters of water per day, you’ll keep your metabolism running high, while flushing out fats.
    3. Cut your portions down a bit by using smaller dishes.  Trade out your dinner plates for a large salad plate, and you’ll hardly notice your portions shrink. You can reduce your food intake at meals by 10-30% without hardly noticing.
    4. Eat your 5 Veggies each day! Try and have veggies at every snack and meal. I add peppers, onion and garlic to my eggs, and slather salsa on top, rather than adding cheese. It’s delicious. For mid-morning snacks, have some celery and raw almond butter for good staying power. (I also eat one or two pieces of fruit a day, but the emphasis is on the veggies.)
    5. Reduce  your sugar intake, eating it only once a day. Many of us consume sugar throughout the day, without even realizing it. We have a little in our coffee, along with say, Raisin Bran for breakfast. Then for lunch will have a soda or energy drink, and so on. Plus, sugar is added to most of the prepared foods we eat – so just try and eat whole foods as much as possible. I try and limit my sugar intake to 30-50 grams a day, allowing myself to enjoy my evening treat without guilt! This one tip alone helped me lose weight quickly.
    6. Try a 3 day juice fast! If you really need a boost to get your weight loss started, simply borrow a juicer from a friend, and drink veggie juice for 3 days. I guarantee you’ll feel lighter by the end of it, plus you’ll better appreciate the healthy, simple foods when you complete the fast. (It’s a good idea to check with your doc before juicing or starting any weight loss plan.)
    7. Spice up your life! It’s a proven fact. Unless you have a particular disorder, flavorful and spicy foods are good for most people. As long as it agrees with you, eat lots of peppers, onions, garlic, leeks, cayenne  pepper, red pepper, jalepeno and more. Statistics show that spicy foods keep your metabolism running higher for up to 3 hours after eating.  I eat flavorful, spicy foods throughout the day most days.
    8. Eat more often. Athletes have been doing this for decades. Eat smaller meals or snacks, 5-6 times a day. This helps avoid massive insulin spikes, which put the body into fat storage mode.
    9. Replace most breads with lentils or other beans. Lentils and other beans are a slower carb, so they give your body the carbohydrates it wants, without the fat storage that traditional breads encourage. Plus, most bread has sugar added to it, anyway. Sprouted grain breads are a better choice, if you really want bread.
    10. Eat healthy fats, and lean proteins. Try and minimize drinking milk, and instead eat a little lowfat Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, fish, eggs and chicken cooked in olive, coconut or macadamia  nut oil. Mix these proteins with veggies, or salad with a sprinkling of lemon and olive oil. Add  lentils or beans for a quick and easy dinner or lunch.

That’s it! By following these ten tips, I was able to drop 8 pounds in a month – while traveling AND without dieting! 

And remember, if you follow these tips, please be kind to yourself. Eliminate the guilt, and allow yourself a treat each day, so long as you stay within an average of 30- 50 grams of sugar. You can even have 1 or 2 cheat meals each week, if you like. (My favorite cheat meal is pizza.)

A healthy body always starts with a healthy mindset. If you start each day visualizing yourself  feeling and looking your best, you’ll be more successful. And the great news is, you don’t need to be perfect, either!

If you prefer to follow a diet plan that gives you just a little more structure, you may want to check out The Diet Solution Program. In it, author Isabel De Los Rios shares many more healthy ways to lose weight – plus she dispels some common myths about some foods you may think of as healthy, which really aren’t. She then shares which foods are better for you, and for faster weight loss.

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