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The Omron HBF-400 Fat Loss Monitor with Scale

Omron 400 Body Fat Scale Review

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Anything worth doing is worth measuring…especially when it comes to your health and fitness. And this is where a tool like the Omron HBF-400 Fat Loss Monitor and Scale comes in handy!

One of the biggest mistake you can make when following a weight management program is to track your progress by weight alone. Instead, you can use a device like the Omron HBF-400, as a cost-effective measuring tool to track your progress from a few different angles.

Before we look at the body fat scale, let’s quickly review the key information you want to measure:

  • Weight: Your weight affects all bodily systems either positively or negatively. Beyond the weight needed to maintain your life, additional weight strains all your organs.
  • Body Mass Index (BMI): Is used for risk assessment, and is a measure of overweight. It’s calculated from your height and weight; it does not calculate fat.
  • Body Fat Percentage: Is an estimate that measures the percentage of your body that is purely fat–as opposed to the weight of your bones, muscle, fluids, muscles and organs.

Your goal for owning a body fat scale and monitor is simple: to measure your progress over time, using these 3 proven measures. Think of it as a 3-D picture that helps define your level of health.

Remember that no single measuring device is perfect. Someone with large bones may weigh more than the recommended weight chart, and athletes using the BMI method won’t find it to be a viable measure. Body fat percentage can vary greatly, depending on the method used to obtain it. The way your clothes fit, how you feel, and how you look in the mirror all matter too!

So how does the Omron body fat scale work?

You want a product that gives consistent measurements over time, rather than being concerned about whether the scale is exactly calibrated to the one at your doctor’s office. The Omron-400 has been proven to provide this consistent accuracy over the years.

The main feature of the Omron-400 is its ability to easily and accurately measure your weight and your body fat at the same time. It does this by using Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA).

See the product description in the Amazon section below for more information about why this is the best method for most of us.*(There are five ways to measure body fat: Skin Fold Caliper, Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA), Anthropometric, Hydrostatic Weighing and the DEXA Scan.)

When selecting a fitness measuring tool there are four considerations to think about: availability, expense, convenience and the ability to self test. Body fat scales like the Omron 400 meet these needs with a small, one-time investment.

What features does the Omron-400 have?

It’s lightweight, attractive and easy to use. The numbers are easy to read and the instructions that come with it make the programming especially easy. Plus, I love the fact that I can program it for up to 4 different people, and the memory holds this information so that I don’t have to input my weight, age and gender each time I step on the scale!

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The Omron HBF-400 Fat Loss Monitor with Scale is the perfect way to track your weight loss goals, thanks to its fast, accurate measurement of weight, body fat percentage, and body mass index (BMI).

Just step on the HBF-400 and in seconds you’ll have much of the information that’s vital to any weight loss or weight maintenance program. Simple controls and a large, easy-to-read display make fat and weight monitoring a snap. Just step on and see your data in seconds.

For the Whole Family The HBF-400 supports up to four personal profiles, so each member of your family can track their own measurements independently. Plus, an easy-to-read and large digital display makes it a snap to get the information you need.

Detailed Measurement The weight display measures weight up to 330 pounds in .2-pound increments, while body fat percentage can be measured from 5 to 60 percent in .1 percent increments. One of the keys to weight loss and management is tracking your body mass index, or BMI. The HBF-400 rates your BMI from 7.0 to 90.0 in .1 increments. BMI is classified at three levels: underweight, normal, overweight, and obese.

Made for Just about Everyone The HBF-400 is set up to provide measurements for folks of nearly all heights (3’4″ to 6′ 6-3/4″) and nearly all ages (10 to 79 years). Measurements are customized for males and females, as well.

Power and Dimensions The HBF-400 runs on four AA batteries, and you can expect about a year of battery life when the device is used four times a day. The unit measures 12.2 x 11.8 x 2.1 inches (L x W x H). The unit weighs 4.7 pounds.

What’s in the Box HBF-400 unit, 4 AA batteries, and instruction manual.

Benefits of the HBF-400 Omron Body Fat Scale with Monitor:

  • Provides accurate measurement of weight, body fat percentage, and body mass index (BMI) in one device
  • Supports up to four personal profiles, so each member of your family can track their own measurements BMI classified at three levels: underweight, normal, overweight, and obese
  • Provides measurements for people of nearly all heights (3’4″ to 6′ 6-3/4″) and nearly all ages (10 to 79 years)

What is the Bioelectrical Impedance Method?*

Bioelectrical Impedance (BI) is considered one of the most accurate and accessible methods of screening body fat. Muscles, blood vessels and bones are body tissues having a high water content that conduct electricity easily. Body fat is tissue that has little electric conductivity. The monitor sends an extremely weak electrical current through your body to determine the amount of fat tissue. The weak electrical current is not felt while operating the Body Fat Analyzer. The monitor is calculated by a formula that includes five factors; electric resistance, height, weight, age and gender.

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