Overweight and Feeling Sluggish? Try an Alkaline Diet!

alkaline dietIf you’re feeling bloated, overweight, and fed up with fad diets – it may be the perfect time to time try the Alkaline Diet lifestyle! This unique approach uses research that’s been around for over 70 years, yet many people don’t know about its’ natural healing and fat reduction properties!

In this post we’ll give you an overview of the Alkaline Diet, how it’s different than most traditional diets, and why it will provide you with faster and easier results! Plus you’ll learn how -when followed correctly- this plan will help you feel younger and better than you have in years!

What’s the matter with your current diet?

If you’re eating like most Americans, there’s a better question….what ISN”T the matter with with it?

70% of Americans are either overweight or obese! If you’re overweight, you probably experience other symptoms like fatigue, swelling, sore joints, and a host of other signs of poor health.

You probably feel like giving up on ever enjoying the body you want and deserve. Perhaps you’ve been told that you’re just getting older, but that simply isn’t the truth. Don’t buy into that lie. Other cultures have healthy, lean seniors who enjoy great health into their 80’s and 90’s!

In fact, your body is a brilliantly-designed machine and if you have any symptoms of ill-health this is a sure sign  that your body’s chemistry is too acidic. Your symptoms are just a cry for help. This is because the body doesn’t just break down one day. Instead, your health erodes slowly over time.

The Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) focuses on refined carbohydrates, sugars, alcohol, meats and dairy. These foods are all highly acid-forming. Meanwhile, despite pleas from the nutritional experts, we simply don’t eat enough of the alkalizing foods such as  fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, and legumes.

In short, our S.A.D. lifestyle upsets the natural acid-alkaline balance our bodies need. This condition causes obesity,  low-level aches and pains, colds and flu, and eventually disease sets in.

What is this alkaline-acid balance that the Alkaline Diet promotes?

  • Most of us are familiar with the term pH.  pH refers to the level of acidity or alkalinity contained in something. Alkalinity is measured on a scale. You can take a simple and inexpensive test at home to see where your alkalinity level falls, as well as to monitor it regularly.
  • Medical researchers and scientists have known for at least 70 years this lesser-known fact….your body requires a certain pH level, or  delicate balance of your body’s acid-alkaline levels – for optimal health and vitality.

This concept may seem far fetched or irrelevant, so let’s see why alkaline balance and an alkaline diet matters to you?

Why does the proper pH balance and alkalinity matter to you?

To best answer this question we’ll use two examples of how acid and alkalinity plays a role in your body.

Example #1: We all know that our stomach has acid in it. Along with enzymes, this acid is essential for breaking food into basic elements that can be absorbed by the digestive tract. What if we didn’t have any acid in our stomachs? We would die from malnutrition in no time because the body couldn’t utilize a whole piece of meat or a whole piece of anything, for that matter! Make sense?

Example #2: Different parts of our body require different levels of acidity or alkalinity. For example, your blood requires a slightly more alkaline level than your stomach acids. What if your blood was too acidic? It would virtually eat through your veins and arteries, causing a massive internal hemorrhage!

While these examples demonstrate that the various parts or systems in the body need different pH levels,  we don’t need to worry about that.

Our problem is simple  and it’s this…..we are simply to acidic overall, period.

Let’s be super clear. Being acidic means that our body’s pH level is less than optimal (optimal pH level is around 7.35-7.45, slightly alkaline). When our blood level is acidic, our cells and immune system aren’t able to rebuild its tissues efficiently. And when this acidic condition persists for a long time, it leads to many diseases like obesity, arthritis, bone density loss, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and many other common diseases.

Is an alkaline diet different from other diets?

Yes. Many diets focus on the same foods that cause you to be overweight or sick in the first place! They simply ask you to eat less of those things, to eat more time per day, or to combine them differently.

In fairness to these diet’s creators, they know that many of us don’t want to make the bigger changes for our health. We like a diet that’s focused on processed and refined foods, our meat, our sugar, alcohols and such. The diet creators are simply trying to help us make easier changes.

Meanwhile we’ve gotten used to eating this way, and it’s not ALL our fault! Greedy food processing giants have a vested interest in keeping us eating this way. Profits are much higher in this sector of the food industry than in the production of your more basic foods like fruits and veggies.

So, again, YES…this diet is different.

If you want massive change, you have to make at least a moderate change. What you’re doing now is NOT working.

If you were feeling lean, healthy and vital you wouldn’t need to read this article. You wouldn’t need a diet change at all!

What kinds of foods are included in an Alkaline Diet?

On an alkaline diet, many of the foods you eat today are still allowed and encouraged!

  • Fresh fruits and freshly made juices*
  • Fresh veggies and juices*
  • Cooked veggies*
  • Some legumes and soy
  • Lean proteins and some eggs
  • Certain grains
  • Healthy fats and nuts

*You may be surprised to learn that some veggies and fruits are better for you than others!

You can consume some of these foods and beverages, but they should be minimized:

  • Dairy
  • Many common grains
  • Refined foods and sugars
  • Alcohol and caffeine

What can you expect from an alkaline diet?

Like any change in diet or lifestyle, you’ll have an adjustment period when you begin the alkaline diet. Yet because you’re burning the cleanest fuel, which your body craves, so unlike many diet plans, you won’t ever need to feel hungry!

Plus, you can eat all you like until you’re satisfied! You also won’t need to count calories, ever! And you’ll enjoy plenty of variety, so you’ll never get bored with eating.

Why will an alkaline diet work better for you and how much weight can you expect to lose?

Think of an alkaline diet as a type of ‘juice fast’ for the body. Only it’s not so extreme. You’re eating nutrient rich, easily digestible foods that your body craves. When you provide all the cells of the body that it so desperately needs, your hunger goes away. And there are tons of delicious recipes available, so you don’t need to feel annoyed with your meals. No boring veggies here.

Here’s the best part about following an Alkaline Diet:

When followed properly, you can expect to melt the fat away easily and quickly! Many people report losing 2-3 pounds or more per week – a number that wouldn’t be safe in most traditional diet programs. (Normally, the only diets that produce this much weight loss are fad diets, where you regain the weight and then some once you start eating like you did before.)

The difference with an alkaline diet is this…

You fully support your body’s needs by eating an alkaline-based diet, so all those fats, toxins and ‘sludge’ will drop from your body without you having to think  about it!  This is because fats are kind of a buffer for our sensitive tissues and organs, protecting them from an overly-acidic diet. Once you make it ‘safe’ for your body to shed this fat, it will do so automatically!

The alkaline diet does two important things that traditional diets don’t.

1. It provides a superior quantity and quality of nourishment  to your body’s cells.

2. AND it naturally helps to detoxify and cleanse the trillions of cells in your body!

These two facts are behind the reason why the Alkaline Diet work so quickly and safely.

Will you need to follow an Alkaline Diet for the rest of your life?

That’s really up to you. It’s certainly advisable to continue as many of the principles as you can once you have lost all your weight. But it doesn’t need to be all or nothing. Anything you do to adopt a healthier diet will greatly increase your chances for keeping the weight off for good.

One diet program, called The Diet Solution Program, naturally focuses on the foods that support proper pH balance, without going to an extreme. In this way, it gives you an opportunity to most easily try out these alkaline principles.

You’ll be the best judge of what works for you! Once you follow an alkaline diet for a month or two, you can determine how much of it you want to adopt as part of your long-term health strategy.

Learn more about the Acid Alkaline Balanced Diet Here.



  1. Informative and nice post. Certainly we need to eat alkaline foods for it helps prevent the body from disease and illness. It will boost one’s health, helps recovery, and will slow the aging process.

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