Juicing for Weight Loss

re you looking to drop a few pounds quickly? If so, you may want to consider juicing for weight loss! People have been juicing throughout the history of mankind because it’s good for you. Juice fasting serves as a great way to restart your metabolism – and is one of the most powerful weight loss tools available when done correctly.

Best Juices When Juicing for Weight Loss

When you hear juice you may be thinking of fruits, however when fasting it’s recommended that you stick to primarily vegetable juices. This is because fruit juices are high in sugar, and sweet juices cause metabolism and energy spikes and crashes.

Some popular juice fasting recipes include:

Recipe 1: Veggie Juice

1 beet
3 carrots
1 celery stalk
2 swiss chard leaves
3 sprigs of watercress

Wash all veggies with veggie wash, then rinse with clean water and juice.

Recipe 2: Apple-Veggie Juice

2 green apples
2 carrots
1/2 beet
2 kale leafs

Put the kale in the juicer first, as the other veggies will help push it through. Feel free to add squeeze some fresh lemon in the juice, and enjoy!

The benefits of Juicing for Weight Loss Include:

  • Rapid weight loss – people report losing up to a pound or more per day!
  • Juicing can help heal your body from a wide variety of illnesses
  • Juicing gives you complete micro-nutrition including the vitamins and minerals needed for health and vitality
  • Juicing teaches your taste buds to enjoy more nutritious foods
  • It teaches discipline, which in turn can help you overcome sugar, carb, fat, alcohol and caffeine cravings
  • People who juice fast occasionally have been shown to enjoy higher concentration capability

The secret to juice fasting is it forces your body to use fat cells as fuel!

As soon as the body needs calories, the process of catabolism (breaking down) starts. In this case your fat is being broken down. Each pound of fat has approximately 3,500 calories, which becomes fuel for your body. As each day passes, you get thinner and thinner. Meanwhile your body is being fed high-quality nutrition that is easy to digest.

Moderating food can be a very difficult challenge and juicing takes the guesswork out of eating – since you’re only drinking. Yet you could ask yourself – do I need to be this extreme?

The answer is this – where has moderation and ‘cutting down’ gotten you so far? And it’s not all your fault. Our stores and restaurants are packed with tons of yummy-looking, fattening foods. This way, for a brief period in your life you can simply say ‘no’ to all of it! Juicing for weight loss keeps it simple!

So how can you get started?

Here are a few simple steps to take before Juicing for Weight Loss:

1. As with any weight loss plan you should check in with your doctor first. If you are currently taking any medications or are ill, please be extra diligent before beginning a fast or any special weight loss/health program.

2. Purchase a juicer, which start at $40 for a basic model. You might start out with a less expensive model, and can always upgrade later.

3. Look up some juicing recipes online, or buy a book. Try and focus on veggies, rather than fruits. The rule of thumb is one green veggie, one fruit, and one bitter veggie. For example: Spinach, apple and kale.

4. Using your recipes, purchase a few days’ worth of fresh veggies and a few fruits, as well as a scrubber and veggie cleansing spray.

5. Have plenty of fresh water on hand. Drink about 8 glasses of water per day. (You could also add some chamomile tea to supplement your water intake).

That’s it! Simply follow the directions included in your juicer and get juicing! There’s no rule as to how long you do it, but you may want to set 7-10 days as a  minimum goal. You can bring a large bottle of your juice to work with you, too. Be sure to get support you’ll need, such as reading testimonials – and enlist support from your family.

When you stop your fast, be sure to ease back into eating with some fruit and veggie juice blending for a brief period, and then move to salads and fresh fruits and veggies. There’s tons of info on the internet to help you transition safely.

Would You Like to Try Juicing?

If you’re open to giving juicing a try, I recommend picking up a copy of The Experts Guide to Juicing. It’s an easy read and teaches you how to safely lose weight with juice fasting, as well as how to improve your health, what juices are best to drink (and why) and much more.

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