How I Lost 18 Pounds by Juicing, and How You Can Too!

How I Lost 18 Pounds JuicingAre you tired of diets that don’t work? Do you start every diet with good intentions, and end up thinking that maybe you’ll always be overweight?

That’s exactly how I felt until a few months ago, when I tried a juice fast to lose weight.

Juicing allows you to take massive action by using simple principles that have been around for thousands of years!

By doing a juice fast, I was able to lose 18 pounds quickly, and finally turn my weight situation around. In this post I’ll tell you how you can lose weight safely and quickly, all while doing good for your body!

I got the idea for juice fasting about 6 months ago, when I attended a screening for the film, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. Australian director, Joe Cross, lost 90 pounds in 60 days on a cross-country juice fast!

Still, I didn’t do anything about it then, since I was a ‘only’ 10 pounds overweight at the time — and I felt I was too busy to deal with something as radical as juicing.

That is, until I took a trip to Mexico. Of course, with the sunny beaches nearby, first thing I did was to put on my summer shorts. I found they wouldn’t button, and my shirt was gaping, too! Fully disgusted, I stuffed myself into my clothes and  found a scale. I couldn’t believe what I saw — I’d gained 15 pounds in 6 months!

Yikes! I needed to do something FAST!  But I didn’t want to do a fad diet, or take any of those diet pills, either. Then I remembered the juice fast, and suddenly it seemed pretty appealing.

What’s Involved with a Juice Fast?

Juice fasts can last from 1 day to 90 days, but the average one lasts 1-2 weeks. Since I was in dire straights, I went for 30 days . But I’ll admit it that this was a bit drastic, so don’t let me scare you off. It’s really up to you, your comfort level and your goals. Even 1-3 days can bring benefit!

Whatever time length you decide on, there are always 4 steps involved in a juice fast: Prep; Transition In;  The Juice Fast; and Transition Out.

Example of a 14 day Juice Fast –


  • Get your hands on a juicer! You don’t have to buy one if you’re trying juicing out. Everyone has a friend or relative who’s got a juicer in their cupboard. (Since I was out of the country I used fresh fruit stands this time, which are prevalent in Mexico.)
  • Get some juicing recipes and shop for your ingredients. See my Juicing for Weight Loss post for a few of my favorite recipes.
  • Locate a nearby Jamba Juice if there’s one around.  This isn’t necessary, but it can be helpful for an occasional backup to your homemade juices. Note that these are the only 2 juices they sell that I recommend, when juicing for weight loss: Apple ‘n greens, and Berry upBEET.

Transition In:

  • Days 1 & 2 of Juice Fast: On the first few days, you won’t actually drink juice. Instead you’ll eat fruits and veggies, and a few other nutrient-dense whole foods. These few days prepare your body to ease out of eating solid foods.

Sample Menu: Fruit cup for breakfast, salad for dinner, soup for lunch, and some raw nuts and herbal tea for snacks.

The Juice Fast:

  • Days 3-12: On these days you’ll drink veggie juice with a touch of fruit added for flavor.

You can have as much juice as you like, and you can be creative with a variety of juices. You can also drink herbal tea and veggie broth to mix it up.

Transition Out:

  • Days 13 & 14: On these last few days you want to ease out of the juice fast, just as you eased in. This is super important to prepare your body for eating solid foods again. It also helps you to avoid getting sick, binging, or gaining some of the weight back!

Just as when transitioning in…. on these days you’ll eat fruits and veggies, and a few other nutrient-dense whole foods again.

That’s it! It’s not really hard to do, and takes less time than preparing regular meals. The biggest challenge, is getting yourself in the right mind set.

That said, I’ll call out a couple of precautions. First, be sure to see your doctor first, if you have an illness or take medications. If you’re diabetic, you’ll definitely need your doctor’s approval. Also, if you’re pregnant or nursing, it’s better to hold off on juicing.

It’s also super helpful to follow a more detailed guide than what I’ve outlined here. A plan will provide some emotional reinforcement for you, help you avoid some common juicing pitfalls, and help ensure that you’re doing it safely.

How much weight can you lose during a Juice Fast?

It depends on how much weight you need to lose. Most people will lose at least 1/2 a pound per day, and many lose 1 pound, or more per day. This range includes the loss and re-gain of 2-5 pounds that occurs when you empty and re-fill the colon. Joe lost 1.5 pounds per day!

There simply isn’t any other method of losing weight safely this fast out there!

Now because juicing is a bit radical there are many variations on a straight juicing plan. Joe talks about one such variation, which he calls the 7/7/7 plan. You eat raw fruits and veggies for 7 days, then juice for 7 days, then finish up with 7 days of  fruits and veggies.

Alternatively, you can simply try out juicing for 2-3 days to get a sense of how you like it. And by testing it out, you’ll drop a few pounds or so!

There are a number of health benefits that juice fasting provides. From my experience, it’s really freeing to just forget about eating for a short time — and it’s empowering to realize you DO have control over food in your life!  Plus, it helps you break addictive food tendencies, detoxes your body, and revitalizes you, all while giving your digestion a break. Longer fasts can even help people heal from illnesses.

In  short, a juice fast helps free you from excess pounds for once and all – and is a simple, powerful tool you can use any time.

Would You Like to Try Juicing?

If you’re open to giving juicing a try, I recommend picking up a copy of The Experts Guide to Juicing. It’s an easy read and teaches you how to safely lose weight with juice fasting, as well as how to improve your health, what juices are best to drink (and why) and much more.

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Note: If you’re considering a diet plan or juice fast always consult a physician before starting the plan



  1. I started juicing yesterday, for breakfast-some cherries, cucumber and raw carrots, for dinner-2oranges, + later on an apple and plenty of blackcurrent squash throughout the day.. I woke up this morning with a flat stomach:) and felt great today, i find the diet enjoyable and easy to follow.. Only doing this for 4 days as im not overweight but its a great way to detox my body and satisfying feeling healthy:) katie price does this diet often and loves it!

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