Fat Burning Furnace Review FBF Diet

Fat Burning Furnace FBF Diet Plan

Our Fat Burning Furnace Review:

Our Rating: 4.75

Website: FatBurningFurnace.com
Owner: Rob Poulos
Company: Zero to Hero Fitness LLC
Review By: Rich Walker
Cost: $39.97 – upgrades available
Trial Offer: Available for $4.97 click for details
Delivery Method: eBook/PDF Digital Download.

Fat Burning Furnace BluePrint

Fat Burning Furnace BluePrint

Workout Logs

Workout Logs

Metabolic Rate Calculator

Metabolic Rate Calculator

Welcome to our Fat Burning Furnace Review. We take Diet Reviews seriously, and completely read every diet plan we review so you can be confident that the information on this page is as accurate and honest as we can make it.

We found Fat Burning Furnace to be one of the most complete diet and weight-loss programs on the market, and encourage you to read our whole review to learn why.

Also, some of you may be worried that Fat Burning Furnace is a scam. Before we get into the review we want to assure you that this diet program is not a scam. FBF is a real Diet Program by author Rob Poulos and his wife Kalen, and it includes a 60-day full money-back guarantee.

I’ve personally contacted FBF customer service on people’s behalf in the past, and have never had a problem getting a response. I’ve also had correspondence with Rob Poulos himself, and find him to be extremely helpful – so order with confidence.

Finally, if you have questions that aren’t answered in our Fat Burning Furnace Review, please ask in the comment box at the bottom.

What’s Included in the FBF Diet:

  • The 160-page Fat Burning Furnace Blueprint eBook,
  • 12 months of email coaching
  • Ultimate Success Tool Kit
  • Workout Logs
  • Metabolic Rate Calculator
  • Body Fat Percentage Analyzer
  • Nutrient Rich Recipes
  • Free updates for 1 year

Fat Burning Furnace Secrets

The FBF Blueprint focuses on two secrets that top athletes and trainers have known for decades, and which are easy for non-athletes to follow, too:

  1. Secret #1: Rather than encouraging you to slave away in the gym for hours, doing separate cardio and strength training exercises, Fat Burning Furnace makes use of a simple, proven technique that keeps your workout short, yet powerful.

    Rob combines modified, high-intensity strength training with cardio training. He calls this program the 15 Minute Miracle. While we’ve found this workout can take more than 15 minutes, it still delivers on its’ promise of shortening your workout time by half while dramatically improving your level of fitness.

  2. Secret #2: Eat balanced and nutrient-rich food to fuel your body. While this principle is nothing new, the eating plan that Rob teaches is unique and easy to follow.

    You’ll learn that not all calories are equal as some are easy for your body to process – while others are hard to break down. Some supposedly low-calorie foods even kick your body into fat-storage mode – which gives them a caloric impact much higher than what’s written on the package! Find out which foods will naturally help you burn fat and stay lean.

Both the exercise routine and the eating plan take into account recently discovered health information and optimized techniques for weight loss, fitness, and health.

High Intensity Strength Training:

The premise is that our body becomes a ‘fat burning furnace’ as we build a higher RMR, or resting metabolic rate, through increased muscle mass and lowered body fat. The ‘high intensity’ part may sound scary, but the reality is that most people can easily do the exercises that Rob illustrates for us. He covers proper weight lifting techniques, and even has a ‘Beginners Break In Routine’ for those who haven’t lifted weights recently – or at all.

Most of us equate weight lifting with the Gym, but even if you don’t have access to a gym you can still do the FBF diet. Rob gives you bodyweight-only exercises you can use in place of weights.

The nice thing about Fat Burning Furnace is that no cardio is required! That means no jogging, no ellipticals, and no treadmills. Rob has designed the ’15 Minute Miracle’ to replace traditional cardio with fast weight-lifting repetitions, so you do your cardio and weight lifting all at the same time. This method may seem non traditional, but I’ve been using it myself for the past several months, and it really works!

The Fat Burning Furnace Diet Plan:

The Diet Blueprint requires that you eat a well rounded, whole food diet. Rob also gives you the tools to calculate your caloric requirements. Nothing new here, right?

The Fat Burning Furnace diet plan has been updated, and covers topics such as managing leptin (important for weight management), organic foods, PH and alkalinity, glycemic index and proper meal management. You may wonder what leptin and PH have to do with weight loss, but Rob does an excellent job of explaining everything in language that’s easy to understand.

Diet Pros:

  • Easy to follow diet
  • Efficient exercise program
  • Well-illustrated weight lifting section
  • Email support included
  • Common sense plan for long term living
  • Works for vegetarians too

Diet Cons:

  • Requires some meal preparation
  • Restricts sugar, alcohol, processed foods, and some meats

FBF Diet is right for you if:

You see the benefit of getting into shape at the same time as you lose weight.

Our Take on Fat Burning Furnace

Fat Burning Furnace was written by Rob Poulos, who suffered from childhood obesity. As a result, Rob spent over 15 years designing, testing, and perfecting the Fat Burning Furnace program and the 15-minute miracle with his wife Kalen. The FBF Diet is very well researched and Rob’s results and those of thousands of happy Fat Burning Furnace customers speak for themselves.

Fat Burning Furnace is our #1 reviewed diet and weight loss program for a reason – it’s very well designed, it’s easy to stick to, and it works!

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  1. what i dont understand is how not drinking water suppose to help u when water is supose to help u when u drink it. it keeps u from drinking all the other surgared drinks. and ur supose to exersize. how is this program so different im a teen in high school and my family has tried many things nothing works.

    • Hi Jess – I’m not sure where you got that information. You SHOULD be drinking water and staying away from most other drinks – especially sugar drinks. Are you referring to a different program?

  2. Ethelyn says:

    Most people just accept the conventional wisdom about losing weight fast, so your information is very helpful. Thanks!

  3. Hi Rich, I’ve read most of the reviews and I’m alittle confused. In one review you are asked if there is a hard copy for the programs and you said yes and then in another review you said no only online. Which is it. We would like to try this but we would want a hardcopy. thanks, Vicky

    • Hi Vicky – My comments are ordered most recent at the top. Rob added the hard copy option during the past year, and my FBF review has been online for 2 years now, so further down the comments was over a year ago when there was no hard copy – and closer to the top is more recent, when there was a hard copy. All that said – yes there’s a hard copy of Fat Burning Furnace available now. Sorry for the confusion!

  4. Great recommendation! After reading your response, I bought the book and after getting it, I read it instantly. This is definitely a great investment. I am off to finally start FBF. I am nervous and a bit apprehensive just because I have tried so many diets yet to lose the weight and gain it all back. I am going to give FBF 100% as I have done with all other diets and see where it takes me!

    Wish me the Best :)

    • We’d love to hear how you do, and I’m sure others would appreciate hearing about your experience too. Good luck Lily!

  5. Most company that offers this type of programe has some sort of contact number!Why is this one different? Is there a customer service set up to answer questions beside this site? I would love to start this diet but i need a little more to move forward.

    • Hi Randy – my site isn’t actually a help site – I’m just a guy who used the diet himself and my partner (Kathy) likes to write about health and wellness.

      To answer your question, yes Fat Burning Furnace has a help and support site. Unfortunately they don’t have a phone number at this time. Contact them here:


  6. can I get this in hard copy form? My computer is very slow.

    • Hi Jacki, if you buy Fat Burning Furnace, you’ll be given the option of purchasing a hard copy of FBF shipped to your door along with DVDs.

  7. Hi! I purchased the download two days ago, but it didn’t take! I do have my receipt for the purchase and would like to know how I can get the product without having to buy it twice. Thanks for getting back to me! I’m ready to ‘unroll’…………

  8. Why is meat restricted with this diet? Is this a vegetarian based diet?

    • Hi Lily – Fat Burning Furnace is not a vegetarian diet. When we say that Rob restricts some meat, we mean that he emphasizes healthier meats such as chicken breast and grass-fed beef, and has you avoid unhealthy meats, such as fatty meats, bacon, sausage, etc…

      • Rich,

        Hi, thanks for your reply. My next concern is this diet being a one-size fits all. What works for me may not work for you so how does FBF personalize food or the diet so it works for me?

        Then there’s the metabolic rate calculator, am I calculating calories?

        Lastly, are the recipes made of “real” food and not the boring diet foods?

        Also, are the food convenient, I’m a mother of 2, full-time student and am always on the go.

        Thanks :)

        • Lots of questions! :)

          Rob gives you several options for each part of fat burning furnace, including the diet program and the exercise part of the program. This should help you to personalize the diet to work for you.

          You aren’t counting calories, although you will have to pay attention to how much you eat.

          Finally, Rob advocates eating whole foods, so mostly you won’t be cooking ‘recipes’, but rather sticking to protein, veggies (lots), and a carb. In my opinion this is the most convenient and easiest way to cook, and with the help of spices (almost zero calories), you can make lots of tasty dishes.

          For instance, I love cooking food with fresh garlic and onions for flavor, and depending on the dish I season with cumin, red pepper, fresh salsa, ground pepper and so on. That keeps food exciting and flavorful with minimal effort on my part.

          Keep in mind that the central focus of Fat Burning Furnace is the ‘Fifteen Minute Miracle’ – the 15 minute, 3 times a week exercise program.

          Being a mother of 2 and full-time student sounds hectic to say the least. Good luck Lily!

          • Yes, Rich, lots of questions!

            Although FBF comes with a money back guarantee, you can never know too much about a purchase before buying. I’m going to look at this investment and commitment as something for the long haul.

            As it is known, most diets do only shed water weight so we end up regaining back all of the weight and then some. I’m guilty of this and trying all other types of gimmicks. Honestly, I’m tired and am hoping that if I put as much effort in this as I have with everything else, I can see long lasting results – that’s it – really! Long lasting results with dieting, exercise and weight.

            I love food and want to be able to enjoy the diet that Rob has. I’m looking forward to really learning portion control which is one of my biggest issues. I have no problem exercising but as you know, exercise and diet go hand-in-hand so you can’t lose weight without one or the other.

            Thanks for being honest about who you are and your relationship to FBF. From what I have read, you seem honest. Excuse the skepticism, I have been a victim with XYZ diet paying people to create and post good reviews. So, your honesty, from what I can tell as such, is refreshing!

            I’m also glad to know that FBF central focus is the 15 minute, 3 times a week exercise. I definitely have that much time to dedicate :)

            One last question (unless I can think of another) – do you have pictures that you can post to show your before and after? If not, how long have you been on FBF and how much weight have you lost over what period of time?


          • Hi Lily – Thanks for your feedback. There are plenty of gimmicks out there, and believe me when I say that I’ve tried plenty of them myself. I’ve struggled with my weight ever since I started working at an office.

            I don’t have good before photos unfortunately. During the 2 months I used Fat Burning Furnace (last year) I lost about 18 pounds. After that I modified the program and lost another 20 pounds over 3 months.

            Good luck Lily!

  9. I been activity for years and played sports and now my body has slowed down and need to change my eating habits to continue being activity because of sports injuries. i have tried the 28 day weight loss plan but only loss around 20 lbs, counld not wait until that last day. Gain 10 lbs back. What is the difference between the 28 day weight loss plan and FBF plan. The 28 day plan states you can loose 40-50 lbs if followed. i weight about 270 lbs now. Trying if the FBF is for me at my age of 44.

    • Hi Troy – Happy New Year! I’ve seen several ’28-day weight loss plans’ on the market, but any plan stating you can lose 40-50 pounds in 28 days is extreme. Losing that much weight that fast can cause all kinds of health problems.

      Fat Burning Furnace makes a lot more sense for most people. Rob Poulos gives you a healthy and easy diet program to follow, and a fast, efficient, and effective exercise program, and the result is that you burn actual fat and keep it off – instead of losing water weight or muscle like you do on most extreme and fad diets.

      The goal of any diet program should be to burn fat – not just to change the numbers on the scale. You can dehydrate yourself and lose 5 or 10 pounds that way – but it doesn’t do your body or your health any good – and in fact does more harm than good. I hope that helps, and good luck Troy!

  10. Rich,

    I am a 20 year old woman. I began my weight-loss journey at 221 pounds, and eventually ended up at 145 pounds. However, a large portion of that weightloss was due to illness. I am now back up to 180 pounds, and am desperately trying to get back to the weight of 145. I have seriously tried everything, and after getting scammed by my last weight loss endeavor, I am being as cautious as possible.

    Long story short: I want to be back down to 145 pounds by my 21st birthday (June 14). Do you think this is possible on FBF? I have a lot of self-control when I see results and do well when I have some sort of a plan or guideline to follow.

    I see that you’ve gotten a lot of questions similar to this, but everyone is different. I guess I just don’t want to waste anymore time, money or hope on something that won’t work or won’t give me lasting results. I constantly plateauing and i’m losing willpower.


    • Hi Allie – thanks for your comment. Most experts say it’s safe to lose 2 pounds a week, and you’re giving yourself 6 months – 26 weeks – to lose 35 pounds, so I’d say it’s definitely possible. Of course you know that you’ll get results equal to the amount of effort you put into a diet program, and the same is true with Fat Burning Furnace. My best recommendation would be to try it using the $4.97 trial offer, and if you read through the material and decide it’s not for you, request a refund. Fat Burning Furnace is not a scam – you won’t get ripped off, and the 60-day refund period is legitimate.

      Click Here for the Fat Burning Furnace Trial Offer

      I know that’s not a definitive answer, but I think the only way to know if something is going to work for you is to try it. Good luck Allie!

  11. “You’ll learn that not all calories are equal as some are hard for your body to process, while others are easy. The more work your body puts into breaking down food, the more food get’s stored all over your body as fat!”–

    This second half of this statement is false, look up the thermogenic effects of foods. The harder/longer it takes to breakdown a food such as protein, more energy is needed (increasing calorie burning). Fat takes the least amount of energy to be stored as fat, next is carbs and the toughest to turn into stored fat is protein.

    • Hi Aily – A good example of this is table sugar. The calories in table sugar are a carbohydrate, however half of it – the glucose – is easily broken down by every cell in your body and used as fuel. The other half – the fructose – can only be broken down by your liver and causes an insulin spike that kicks your body into fat storage mode. In that way sugar calories have a far greater impact on your body than their calorie number would imply.

      I agree that our wording above could be better and I’ll change it – thanks!

  12. Allison Flemming says:

    Nice, well thought out review. I purchased this course and am going though it now. Just wanted to say thanks for your insight Rich!

  13. Thanks!

  14. I’m interested in getting in on this program. Just wondering if these exercises are full body motion exercises or if they isolate certain muscles during the exercises. I’m also wondering how the exercises are taught – are there pictures? is there a website with videos showing the exercises? how hard is it to understand the exercises? I currently have a weight machine. What are your thoughts on the differences of the machine to the program exercises?
    Also how strict is the diet? I have 4 children and don’t want to be cooking two different meals, one for me and one for them? They aren’t supper picky but some more healthy foods are hard to get them to eat.

    • Hi Ryan – the exercises are mostly full body with some isolation. Rob teaches with pictures in the main Fat Burning Furnace blueprint, although you can also get videos.

      I think you’ll be fine using a weight machine. I personally use free weights as they do a better job of working supporting muscles, but I know plenty of people have used weight machines on FBF.

      Fat Burning Furnace is strict in the sense that you won’t be eating much processed food – however it’s not a strict diet in the calorie restrictive sense. Rob has you eat 5 times a day, and each meal allows for a certain number of carbs, proteins, and veggies, and then you fill in the blanks from foods that you and your kids like. I hope this answers your questions, and good luck!

  15. Sarah Beaton says:

    I am interested in FBF but I can’t eat most whole grains, I’m gluten free. Will I be able to do the eating plan? Can I make subsititions?

    • Hi Sarah – I eat mostly gluten free as well and had no trouble with the Fat Burning Furnace eating program. In fact I think gluten free is the way to go as most people don’t process gluten very well.

  16. Hi. Im interested in this program – all sounds good but i have a really bad back and would rather go out walking as opposed to lifting weights or body weight….could i walk instead? If so how much would i walk to fulfill the exercise portion of this program?

    • Hi Holly – unfortunately walking wouldn’t be enough. The main focus of the Fat Burning Furnace program is the “15-minute miracle” or the exercise program. Rob Poulos explains why higher intensity exercise is so helpful for weight loss, and gives you a program that kicks your metabolism into fat burning mode – and this requires more than walking.

      That isn’t to say that you can’t lose weight by walking – just that FBF isn’t the right program for you. As I said to Kevin, I’d recommend checking out The Diet Solution Program instead as it focuses more on a solid weight-loss diet program that would be nicely complimented by walking. I hope that helps and good luck!

  17. Hi Rich,

    I was looking at EODD and noticed your comments about the FBF Diet maybe being more suitable for some people due to the restrictions of the SNAPP system.

    I have mobility issues – chronic osteo arthritis in one knee with only a 90 degree maximum bend and gout which has damaged one of my toes meaning I can’t wear covered shoes. The Gym is out of the question so are treadmills, squats, kneeling etc.

    Would FBF be more suitable for me due to not being able to do cardio workouts or would you recommend something else? I need to shift at least 70lbs over a sensible period of time to ease the pressure on my joints and for my overall health. Appreciate your help on this one.

    • Hi Kevin – FBF is definitely not right for you, as it does require some weight lifting (or at least body weight lifting). I found EODD to be solid, and it works well for some people, however if I were to recommend a straight weight loss diet program, I’d recommend The Diet Solution -(click to read our review). DSP is not a fad diet, and it’s designed to help you lose significant amounts of weight over time. I hope that helps, and good luck Kevin!

      • Hi Rich,

        Thanks for the advice. I’ve found the DSP on a 21 day trial for $1.00 but it doesn’t mention the added bonuses (membership to ‘Beyond Diet’ and ’14 Days to a Sexy New Body in 2011′) for paying the full fee upfront. Do you know if they are available when you get charged the full amount after 21 days?

        Pity about FBF as it sounded good and effective. I thought I might get away with upper body weight work at home but will take your advice on this one. Very good site, by the way and most helpful.

        • Hi Kevin – I’m pretty sure the DSP 21-day trial includes everything in the standard program – and thanks, we appreciate it!

  18. How does the diet work for a lacto-ovo vegetarian?

    • Hi Kathi – It should work great! Eggs are an excellent protein (my favorite), and the diet allows for eggs and lean dairy. In fact, Rob isn’t highly meat focused even for the regular (non-vegetarian) diet program. Good luck!

      • I should have mentioned that I also do not eat fish or poultry which a lot of “diets” utilize. Does Rob’s diet do so?

        • HI Kathi – I gathered that. To clarify, a lacto-ovo vegetarian eats dairy and eggs, but no other animal protein.

          And yes, you can easily follow the FBF program. It’s far more challenging if you’re a Vegan (no dairy or eggs), but still possible.

          • Thanks, Rich. Some people do know the differences between the “vegetarian” terms and assume it just means you don’t eat red meat.

  19. How does the workout in FBF differ from exercise programs like Crossfit?

    • Hi Nikki – I’d say that many of the exercises are similar, however Crossfit is a bit more intense than Fat Burning Furnace. Also, Rob designed FBF to fit into 15-minute sessions, 3 times a week, so FBF is less time intensive. That said, if you’re an athlete or looking to get into really great shape, Crossfit is an excellent training program. If you’re looking to lose weight then I’d recommend starting with a program like FBF.

  20. Hi,
    I am interested in FBF but I want to make sure that ALL of the excersices are available as bodyweight excercises. I have only 2 fingers on my right hand so free weights are not an option as I cannot hold them. It would be really great if I could do all of the excercises using only my bodyweight. I have been researching the web for almost a month now trying to find a program with as much knowledge as FBF seems to have AND a bodyweight workout.

    Thank You,

  21. Is there a way to recieve this program other than on the internet. We would like to have the material at home to read and go over. The computer is not always an option

    • HI Jackie – as far as I know, this is a download-only program. Of course you can print it out if you’d like – or just print out the pages that you need for reference. Thanks and good luck!

  22. Hey Rich
    Appreciate your time and comments! One of the things that REALLY irritated me about this programs’ marketing is the ads that advertise “5 food never to eat” but that send you immediately to the OVERLY long, boring video instead of the information about the 5 foods! The 5 foods are NEVER mentioned in the OVERLY LONG, boring video. O.K., I retract that statement, I should say that I didn’t notice them being mentioned, I could have slept through it! This seems like the old “bait and switch” sales scam after which I am suppose to send the guy my hard-earned money believing him to honest enough to deliver the goods?

    He should at least mention the foods! He didn’t come across to me as honest, but rather another “scammer”. I was disappointed.

    thanks for your time!

    • Hi MIke – Yeah, I’m actually not a fan of the video myself. I’ve mentioned to Rob in the past that he should change it, but back when he made it – maybe 2 years ago – that type of sales pitch was pretty popular.

      That’s why I put a link straight to the sales page and recommend people simply try the program. If it works for you then great! and if you decide it’s not for you then you really can request a refund – no questions asked.

      Regarding the 5 foods – that’s marketing spin used by lots of online diets because it makes you curious enough to click or watch. I can list about 5000 foods you should avoid if you want to lose weight! If it comes in a package or has sugar in it don’t eat it! :)

      Thanks for your comment and good luck!

      • I am not sure if the “diet” works because I haven’t received any materials from them yet..

        • Hi Mike – I updated your comment as your first comment was about delivery.

          You should have received an email right away with order confirmation. If you didn’t, then make sure to check your spam folder as sometimes emails go there.

          If you still didn’t get an email, then send an email to: support@zerotoherofitness.com, and they will help you (that’s the FBF customer service email).

  23. Isabelle says:

    Rich –
    Why are you spending so much time and energy promoting this diet (what’s in it for you)? Candid question.. Who are you and why should I trust you?

    • Hi Isabelle – Actually this site doesn’t take a lot of time or energy – although I’m glad it looks like it does, so thanks!

      If you’re asking if we make money from promoting FBF, then yes we do. There’s a note in the bottom-left corner of our site that says we do as well.

      Practically all diet programs do pay for referrals. We rated FBF #1 because we read lots of other diet programs and felt that FBF has all the right components, is the most comprehensive, and the most credible.

      As far as who I am – I’m a web designer by trade, and due to sitting for work I was also a guy who used to weigh 255 pounds.

      Over the past year I lost 35 pounds and I owe a lot of that to this website and the FBF Diet. Kathy is more the health and fitness guru, and she’s also a holistic life coach.

      You don’t need to trust me of course – however plenty of people have used the Fat Burning Furnace diet and lost weight, and others tried it, decided it wasn’t for them and got a refund.

      Good luck and I hope this answers your question!

      • Isabelle says:

        Thanks for the comprehensive reply!
        Can I ask what you think of the Dukan diet?


        • Hi Isabelle,
          We’re not a fan of the Dukan diet. For those who don’t know, the Dukan diet is very similar to Atkins and has you eat lean protein with a spoon full of oat bran and water for a couple weeks, followed by lean protein with non-starchy veggies for as long as it takes.

          The Dukan diet ‘works’ because you’re basically starving yourself. Lean protein doesn’t have many calories. Also because you’re eating no sugar so no insulin reaction/fat storage.

          There are 3 big problems with Atkins-style diets :
          #1 – By restricting calories to this level you’re going to lose muscle along with fat – and you need that muscle to keep the fat off when you go back to eating a more normal diet.
          #2 – By eliminating carbs/fiber your ‘system’ doesn’t work as designed – and this can be very uncomfortable (ahem) and is a good indicator that your body is unhappy.
          #3 – You don’t get proper nutrition and the multivitamin they recommend isn’t a replacement for getting proper nutrition from your food

          One of the reasons we prefer a diet like Fat Burning Furnace is because Rob focuses on building lean muscle mass with quick and effective exercise and has you eat a ‘whole’ diet with all the macro and micro nutrients your body needs.

          This keeps you and your body feeling good while you still lose weight. Thanks for your question/comment Isabelle, and good luck!

          • Isabelle says:

            Darn, I should have stumbled upon the FBF before Dukan. Oh well. After vacation I guess I will try FBF. Don’t have too much weight to lose now. Mostly after-baby belly, and a need to get back to exercise to build muscle. But I’ve lost most baby pounds with Dukan with little effort and was never hungry, but yes, it can be boring and not very balanced.

            BTW, has anyone ever told you you look like Keanu Reeves? Will I turn into Angelina Jolie once I go on FBF? :)


          • Congrats on losing your baby pounds – that’s not always easy. Oh, and thanks for the Keanu comment – this is a studio shot, not how I usually look at all. :)

  24. Hi I’m 5 feet 5 inhes and 140 pounds. I’m looking to lose weight like every one else who have commented above me. I’ve tried many other diets and have lost almost 20 pounds from them, but it seems i’ve hit a plateau and i have only 2 months left to lose my last 20 pounds. Would this program work for me or does it take more than 2 months to lose that amount of weight on this diet. Please help! Time’s running out and I really would like to lose those last 20 pounds.

    • Hi Vanessa – I can’t guarantee anything of course, however I think it’s definitely possible to lose 20 pounds in 2 months on Fat Burning Furnace. A lot of times when you hit a plateau, the best thing you can do is mix up your routine – both eating and exercise. If you haven’t been doing higher intensity exercise, then FBF is a great introduction. It only requires 15 to 20 minutes of workout time 3 times a week, and HIT (high intensity training) is used by athletes to get and stay in great shape. It could be all the difference in you losing those last 20 pounds quickly.

      If you do try it, please let us know how you do!

  25. Leonie Swart says:

    Very interested in the FBF PLAN, but how do i get this product to South Africa??

    • Hi Leonie – Fat Burning Furnace is delivered as a downloadable PDF, so upon purchase you can immediately download and access all the materials.

  26. Is there any other way of purchasing the book other than online and through credit card??

    • Hi Simon, at this time you can only purchase FBF online, however you don’t have to use a credit card. You can use a PayPal account to protect your payment information and that’s what I recommend and use myself. That way only PayPal can see your account info.

      Also, the order processor is Clickbank, and they are very reputable. I’ve never heard of them losing customer information or being involved in identity theft.

      Remember that even when you make payments in person at a store all of your account information goes online these days. It’s tough to get around unless you pay for everything in cash. Thanks and good luck!

      • karthikeyan says:

        Hi Rich – First of all thanks to you for giving unbiased reviews. Myself Karthik From Chennai, INDIA. Just Want to clarify something before buying FBF ebook. I am Married recently got almost 12 kgs extra within first four months. I used to be very athletic and diet conscious during college days that time i was around 60 -65 kgs. But later i gained several kgs, cant able to reduce since then. I want to know that the diet which is going to be there in fbf ,will we be able to get those things in INDIA?

        • Hi Karthik – I’m glad you found our site helpful. You can definitely access FBF in India – good luck!

          • What she seems to be asking is whether or not the foods recommended (in the diet) would be readily available in India …

          • Ah, you’re absolutely right Joel – I completely missed that.

            Unfortunately I haven’t been to India so I couldn’t tell you for sure. FBF was designed by an American and as such he used foods that are readily available in the United States.

            I will say that most Indian restaurants I’ve been to served lots of simple carbs – white rice, Naan (Indian flatbread), sweetened curry sauces, and so on – and simple carbs are bad for weight-loss.

            However if you have access to lean proteins like chicken and fish, eggs, legumes (lentils and beans), and fresh vegetables then you should have no problem doing Fat Burning Furnace. I hope that helps!

  27. Bruno Donizetti says:

    Hey Rich,

    Well, this actually is not for a question, just to thank you for your review. I’ve bought the FBF ultimate plan in the beginning of this week, and didn’t start it yet because I want to finish reading the ebook first (thought I know I could start following it anytime now). As you probably know, the whole system described by Rob in his ebook contradict what most of us are used to hear and to follow in gyms. Due to this, I went on today and looked for some reviews. Besides yours, I found a few other review sites that qualified the FBF system as with a 95%~100% approval rate and as, if not the best, one of the better weight losing systems we have today. But it was your review and constant Questions and Answers you receive in this page that really made me believe it will work, and that the whole idea in the ebook is real and not just BS for people who have already tried almost anything and would not be really surprised if this was just another attempt that will lead us to a fail.

    In my mind I’m like “Woohoo, something that will finally work! (:”. So, again, thank you very much for your review on this weight loss system!

    • Hi Bruno – thanks for your comment. I’m glad that you’ve found our site useful, and I wish you the best of luck!

  28. Hi Rich,
    I have two questions. First, my wife and I are both looking to lose weight and while it would be simple enough for us to buy the program once and both follow it, would we both be able to access the online support, Metabolic Rate Calculator and Body Fat Percentage Analyzer, etc.? Secondly, we both have different weight loss needs. I ideally need to lose over 100 pounds while my wife is looking to loose about 20 to 30. Will this program work for both of us?

    • Hi Jim, thanks for your questions.
      My wife Kathy and I used Fat Burning Furnace at the same time actually – and it was no problem. The link that you receive upon purchase will enable you to access your account from any computer.

      Regarding weight differences – FBF can definitely help both of you. When I started I had 50 pounds to lose – my wife only about 15. It takes longer to lose more weight is all – but stick with it and you’ll get there. Good luck to you both!

  29. Hi Rich…I’m a living wreck of a human specimen to my credit!

    I have a lot to lose…I’m 57 and at least 80lbs overweight with a “Food Belly”, my claim to fame!

    Back in 1996 when my father died, it was discovered that I had hypertension, the only sibling, I know of 7 to date; and I’m the eldest. I was in denial and begrudgingly went on “Meds” but was not consistent in taking them and as a result had a stroke on October 17th 2001.

    Presently I now have an enlarged heart and would easily get exhausted from everyday activity much less a “Vigorous” cardio exercise plan. My question is; could I still follow this PROGRAM and still remain in tack so to speak?

    Many thanks for your assistance!

    • Hi Tony – it sounds like you’ve been through a lot. The “Food Belly” is becoming increasingly common and I used to have one myself. The same with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. In spite of what they say in ads for cholesterol medications, the food you eat is the biggest factor in high blood pressure and high cholesterol – and following the right diet can help bring those numbers into line (and shrink your belly too of course).

      Regarding your condition – I’m not a doctor, and I’d recommend running any diet or exercise program by your doctor before you begin, especially considering you’ve had a stroke. That said, I don’t think Fat Burning Furnace sounds right for you, as it does require higher intensity exercise (the ’15 minute miracle’).

      You might want to look at the Diet Solution Program as it focuses more on eating the right foods for your metabolic type to lose weight. Definitely run anything you do by your doctor first. Thanks for your questions, and good luck!

  30. Vahe Basmadjian says:

    Would this diet work for vegetarians?

    • Hi Vahe – Absolutely yes – although it will be more difficult if you’re a vegan. Even still, you can modify the Fat Burning Furnace program to work. A big focus of FBF is exercise – ‘the 15 minute miracle’, and the diet part of the program is eating whole foods, such as whole grains and vegetables. Thanks for your question.

  31. Hi Rich, Im a teenager and don’t have a job as I’m still studying, so you can appreaciate that I will have to use my money mum gives me for clothes etc. Personally I don’t mind paying the price. Alothough it would take some convincing for my mum to let me get it, as she thinks losing weight means exersising hard for hours everyday and strict diets!
    Anyway, before I buy the FBF plan, I have a few questions:
    First question—> How much weight/inches do you think I would be able to lose in about 2-3 months?
    I ask because I want to have a beach party for my birthday, but I don’t wanna be ‘the fat girl’ at my party, I want to be able to wear a bikini and look good!
    Second question—> I weigh around 10 or 11 stone and I want around 3stone off, how long do you think this will take?
    And finally —> DOES IT ACCTUALLY WORK!!!??
    I am liturally desperate to know as I dont want to spend around £40 on something that doesnt work.
    I also desperatly want to know because, like many people I have tried SOOOOOOOOOO many diets which really dont work!

    Thanks, hope to hear from you soon!

    • Hi Wendy – thanks for your questions. For those who don’t know, a ‘stone’ is 14 pounds, so 10 to 11 stone is 140 to 154 pounds, and losing 3 stone is losing 32 pounds.

      To answer your questions, I think it’s possible to lose 8 – 10 pounds in a month using Fat Burning Furnace – so around 2/3 stone a month, or as much as 2 stone in 3 months.

      That said, you’d need to stick strictly to the program to achieve those kinds of results, so your results will depend a lot on how much self control you have.

      FBF Definitely DOES work. I tried it myself over the period of a couple months as I said below, and I was very happy with my results – I lost 16 pounds in 2 months – and I didn’t stick to FBF perfectly.

      Finally, if you do try it and it doesn’t work you can always ask for a full refund. I know that Rob (the creator of Fat Burning Furnace) will issue you a refund no questions asked if you’re unhappy with your results.

      Thanks, and good luck Wendy!

      • Okay, thankyou for those answers, I will get hold of the FBF as soon as I can and get started.

        I will aim to lose as much as possible, and stick to the FBF plan, and try very hard.

        I look forwed to tying it myself. Thanks again!

  32. My husband and I are considering the FBF program. We both refrain from ingesting any milk (no moo, no goat) products. When we do we feel ill. Does the diet require milk or milk product consumption?

    • Hi Tammy – There’s definitely no milk or dairy requirement. In fact, I never drink milk either. I do have a soft spot for ice cream – but pretty sure that’s not covered in ANY diet program. :)

  33. Hi Rich,
    Before buying this product does it have advice for the disabled. I can not exercise by standing, running etc. Also I am allergic to eggs and I find eggs are a large part of most diets.

    • Hi Bev, While Fat Burning Furnace doesn’t require running, it would be tough to do FBF if you can’t exercise while standing. I’d recommend a diet that focuses more on food and less on exercise, such as DSP. You can read our Diet Solution Review Here. Good luck!

  34. Hi Rich,
    I was just wondering what kinds of weights are needed to perform the weight lifting exercises. I seen on another website an illistration from the ebook which showed Rob using weights like they have at a gym. Is this what is needed or are we talking about using 5 to 10 pound dumbbells?

    • Hi Marie – it’s actually possible to do all of the exercises using only body weight – such as chair dips and push ups – but it’s easier if you do have dumbbells or access to a gym. The goal of the “15 minute miracle” is to work out a large number of muscles in a short period of time to create a full body burn, but there are lots of different ways to exercise the same muscle groups. I use YouTube.com to find videos of people demonstrating how to do these different exercises. Good luck!

    • Hi Rich,
      I do have various sets of dumbbells at home so this is not a problem. Is there any other weight lifting equiptment that is required to do the exercises? I know you stated they can all be done by body weight, but I would rather use weights which is why im asking.

      • Hi Marie – sorry for the delay in my response. Rob actually prefers that you use dumbbells – so if that’s what you have then that’s perfect. No other weight lifting equipment is required. Thanks and good luck!

  35. I have a couple of technical questions:
    If I’m planning on getting a new computer later this year would I be better off waiting to purchase FBF until after I have the new computer or will I still be able to access my FBF e-information from my new computer?
    I don’t have much space in the room in which I have my computer. Will I be able to print instructions for following the exercises so I can do them in another room until I learn what I’m supposed to do?

    • Hi Suz – Once you purchase FBF you can access the materials anywhere – so yes you’ll still be able to access the info from your new computer, you’ll just need to print the email with the members page address and your access info.

      Regarding the exercises, you can either print out just the pages where Rob illustrates the ’15 minute miracle’, or read that section of the ebook and then try those exercises from memory in another room. Be careful if you’re exercising right at your computer! :)

  36. Hi, i just have a couple of questions~ first of all, what’s the difference between this and the DSP (diet solution program)? in terms of eating, would both diets have the same information on food(as in the portions of carbs and proteins i should be taking each day and what foods are carbs and what are proteins etc?)
    and also, im not sure the fbf would be recommending organic foods, but i guess they are? and honestly its kind of expensive to buy organic food here and kinda hard to find too ><;;

    Thanks, Odelia

    • Hi Odelia and thanks for your questions. The differences are pretty big actually. The Diet Solution Program focuses on eating for your ‘metabolic type’, whereas FBF focuses on the 15-minute miracle – A 15 minutes 3x a week workout program. Both program have a diet program included, and Isabel (from DSP) focuses more heavily on Organic food.

      Personally I eat organic food if it makes sense and if I can find it – and I don’t worry about it if I can’t. If organic foods are double the price I’ll pass – but if they’re a little bit more I’ll spend the extra. Trader Joes is a good place to find cheap organic food – but whole foods is really expensive. Ultimately you can lose weight and get into shape eating non-organic food. The key is the kind and quantity of the foods you eat more than how they’re farmed (at least in my opinion).

      I hope that helps, and good luck! -Rich

      • Hi~
        Thanks so much for your help, i just have one last question to ask…
        While i normally make my own breakfast and lunch, mum cooks dinner and i dont get a choice what i eat then… and since i have a sweet tooth and like to eat cake and other desserts( i try not to eat too much, maybe about once a week?) how would it affect me using the fbf? does that just mean it’ll slow down the weight loss or will it completely not work?

        • Hi Odelia – That would depend on what your mom cooks for dinner. If it’s mostly healthy & simple foods – such as lean meats, veggies, and complex carbs – you should be fine. Regarding desert – I have a sweet tooth too, but the problem with sugar is that it spikes your insulin levels and kicks you into fat storage mode – the opposite of what you want. It’s very hard to lose weight while eating sweets. Good luck!

  37. I have a question regarding the FBF. Well I’m 19 year old woman and I want to lose about 40 pounds of fat in 4 months. I just wanted to know if this was possible doing the FBF exercises and diet. Also, I am accompanying the FBF with other exercises, etc… Could I lose 40 pounds in 4 months?

    • Hi Ronnie – thanks for your question. 4 months is about 17 weeks so 2.35 pounds a week. I think that’s very doable on Fat Burning Furnace. I think extra exercise is fine too, but If you haven’t been exercising, make sure to ease into it. It can be tempting to push really hard when starting out, but it’s easy to hurt yourself when you do too much too fast, and that will derail your weight loss efforts (speaking from experience :)). Good luck!

  38. hi Rich, I’m 18 years old and I’m Indonesian. i’m so sorry if my english isn’t too good. but i will really appreciate it if you answered my questions, because I REALLY NEED HELP

    i did some stupid diets that didn’t even decrease a pound of my weight. just in two months i will have a prom, and i’d really happy if i could lose 14 pounds in 1 and a half month, do you think that FBF really possible to help me lose my weight?

    fyi, i’m still studying at school, i went to school at 6 am everyday, and came home around 6 pm, would that disturb FBF’s diet program? please reply, i really need help. thank you Rich, i love this site

    • Hi Aurellia – Thanks for your questions and I’m glad you like our site! Here’s the good news – while Fat Burning Furnace requires an exercise program (the ’15 minute miracle’), it only takes 15 minutes 3 times a week, and that should fit into your busy schedule.

      My question for you is, can you eat healthy food at school? If you’re able to bring healthy food to school then I think FBF could work for you, but schools I know of – at least those in the USA – don’t serve the right kinds of food.

      It is definitely possible to lose 14 pounds in 6 weeks. Lots of people have had that kind of success with FBF. It will require that you stick to the plan closely, however – no cheating if you want to look your best at your prom :) Good luck Aurellia, and if you try Fat Burning Furnace (or any diet) let us know how it works for you.

  39. I need to loose 50-60lbs. I’ve been reading a lot about this Fat Burning Furnace program. My question is if i join in for their special “$4.97 for 21 days” will i be getting the complete 160 pages of their guide and also the exercises included? What is a good way to start in this and what is the difference between the 21 day and the complete thing?

    Thanks Rich. Your website and comments have been very helpful.

    • Hi Nadia – I’m glad you’ve found our site helpful! To answer your question, if you take the $4.97 for 21 days you get the same package as if you pay the whole $39 up front. The only difference is that after 21 days – assuming you don’t cancel – you’ll get billed the remaining $35. If the diet is working for you then I think paying the remaining $35 is fair – but that’s for you to decide. If FBF isn’t working for you, not only can you cancel out the remaining $35, but you can even get your $4.97 refunded by requesting a refund through the Fat Burning Furnace support site – http://zerotoherofitnesssupport.com/.

      Keep in mind that you’ll still be offered a couple upgrades when you buy the $4.97 program, such as videos and supplements. I believe you can return those withing 60 days also if you’re unhappy with them for any reason. Rob definitely puts his money where his mouth is!

      I’ll include the trial link here again – Click Here for the FBF $4.97 21-day trial.

      We are an affiliate for FBF, and we appreciate it when you use our link. Thanks again for your comment Nadia and good luck!

  40. Hi
    I need to loose 50lbs. I am comparing diets and wonder how fbf compares to the Weight Watchers diet. I enjoy the group meetings and support received there. How different is your eating plan? What foods turn on the fat burning? Need to know before I join.

    • Hi Janet – I’d say that Fat Burning Furnace is about as different from Weight Watchers as a diet program can be! Weight Watchers has meetings, the point system, packaged foods, and monthly payments. Fat Burning Furnace focuses more on building lean muscle mass with high intensity exercise to burn fat, and is combined with eating fresh whole foods that you prepare yourself. Also, there’s only 1 payment and it’s a do it yourself program – no meetings. You can always try FBF out, and if it doesn’t work for you return it. The FBF Diet has a 60-day no questions asked return policy – something you won’t find at Weight Watchers. Good luck!

  41. Norman Pickering says:

    I am 62 years of age and have bad knees. I need to lose 40 or 50 lbs. Would I be able to do the exercises? i am not allowed to jog, play basketball or softball at this point.

    • Hi Norman – Fat Burning Furnace involves quick weight-lifting rotations, so no jogging or running is required. If you can lift weights – or even do body weight exercises, then you can do FBF. I hope that helps, and good luck!

  42. How can i rely on this and what would happen if my kids ate the same food?

    • Hi Naeemah – There are plenty of positive reviews for the FBF Diet on the web – and even more on the Fat Burning Furnace site. Ultimately the only way to know if something works is to try it – and Rob Poulos puts his money where his mouth is by offering a no questions asked full-money back guarantee for 60 days. You won’t find that with most other diet companies…

      To answer your second question, I’m not sure how old your kids are and I’m not a dietitian, but the foods that Rob is having you eat should be fine for most kids as it’s mostly lean meats, whole grains, and veggies. Good luck!

  43. i watched the fbf ad and wanted to say its too long and boring sent it to 3 of my clients and all 3 said they couldnt be bothered reading it and exited the site. just thought you should know, as i too found it too long and tedious. ITS PROBABLY A GREAT PROGRAM! im not knocking it, but keep it simple to keep peoples attention.

    • Hi Bridget – I agree that Rob’s Fat Burning Furnace presentation could use an update. I’ll let him know again. Thanks!

    • I agree. I wanted the ad to “get to the point” It grabbed my attention immediately, but the endless talking just wanted me to leave the site.

      • ScooterShell says:

        Ditto! I know he was just trying to convince me, but I wanted him to get to the point more quickly. Each time it sounded like he was about to tell me the deal, he just kept going! Frustrating!

        • Hi Scooter – that’s why I also post a link (button) directly to the order page so you guys can see the deal without having to watch the whole video. I’ve mentioned to Rob that he should shorten it, but that’s all I can do!

  44. I am a long haul truck driver & don’t have alot of time to excercise. I also don’t get to eat right since I’m always on the go, fast food makes for a poor diet. In your opinion, could FBF work for me?

    • Hi Janine – Thanks for your question! Unfortunately long-haul truck driving doesn’t lend itself well to being healthy. Most of the food available at truck stops is unhealthy, and it’s difficult at best to get to a grocery store where you can buy fruits and veggies. Combine that with the difficulty with exercise – which is a core part of the Fat Burning Furnace program – and unfortunately I’d say that Fat Burning Furnace is not the right program for you. You might want to look at a program such as Fat Loss 4 Idiots as it focuses more on food rotation and less on exercise and has worked well for lots of people. Good luck!

  45. Rich, All of this sounds too good to be true and you know what they say about that. The testimonials speak for themselves (I know) but my real question is since I am a smoker and plan to quit and I am and will be engaging in sporting activities requiring cardio stamina would it be counter productive for me to run 5KM on the treadmill 2 or 3 times a week? I would need to increase my stamina as the sports I am/will be involved in require strong cardio (hockey, soccer etc..)..

    • Hi JD, Like any diet program, you get out of Fat Burning Furnace what you put into it.

      Regarding your question – Running 5km (about 3 miles) 2 or 3 times a week is definitely productive, especially if you’re not in good cardio shape right now. Once you’ve built up a cardio base I’d recommend mixing in some sprints and other high-intensity exercise as treadmill jogging will only get you so far.

      Good luck quitting smoking! Hockey and Soccer definitely don’t mix with cigarettes. It may take a few days, but you’ll feel much better once you quit.

  46. Hi, I’m 62 (in December) and was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a few years ago. Is this a healthy plan for me to lose weight on? The diabetes is not hereditary in my case; I did this all on my own with poor food choices and a sedentary lifestyle…”my bad”. Many thanks for your response.

    • Hi Pat, Sorry to hear about the diabetes – that’s tough. FBF is not specifically a ‘diabetic diet’ and while many of the principles are the same, I’d recommend talking to your doctor before starting any diet or exercise plan. I’m glad to hear that you’re looking to fix the diabetes by tackling the root cause – namely diet and exercise. Good luck!

  47. Jonah Hex says:

    I weigh 400 lbs and I’d like to lose 200 or more. Would it be possible or impossible under FBF diet plan ?

    • Hi Jonah – It’s definitely possible! I’d ask your doctor if you’re healthy enough for the exercise required on FBF, but there’s no reason why you can’t lose 200 pounds on Fat Burning Furnace. The key to losing lots of weight is sticking with a program long term. Stay positive and give it time and you’ll get there! Thanks for reading our Fat Burning Furnace Review.

  48. divya garg says:

    is this available for Indians? if yes, i would like to noe the amount in our currency and further details… thanks in advance..

    • Hi Divya – the book is printed in English – so if that’s ok for you then you can definitely order and download it. If you go to the order page it should convert Dollars to Rupees to give you an exact amount. Good luck!

  49. Hi Rich, im only 16 but i would like to lose a few more pounds because im tired of always having to look at what i have become. I saw your presentation and i would like to try this but my family cannot afford anything like this because of all the medical bills we are already paying for due to surgery. If there was anyway I could try this without having to use a credit or debit card please let me know. I can pay for it, but not with a card. Please help me!!

    • Hi Leah – Sorry to hear about your financial situation. Just to be clear, Fat Burning Furnace is not my product. It belongs to Rob Poulos and his wife Kalen. My site is a review site only. As such, I can’t send you the product to try, as I don’t have permission to do so.

      What I do have is a link that let’s you try Fat Burning Furnace for only $4.97 for 21 days. Click Here to try FBF for $4.97 for 21 days.

      I hope that helps and I wish you luck!

      • I went to the link you provided for the ‘$1 for 21 day trial’. It is actually $4.97, not $1. Inflation I guess..ha. But it is still a less expensive way to test the program and see if it is a fit for you and your lifestyle.

        • Thanks for the catch Cathy! I think that was a special promo they ran for a few weeks. I changed the link above to the right amount.

  50. susiie =) says:

    hello, for fat burning furance my cousin has asked me to buy her it, im 19 and shes 15, but my aunt spent alot of money on that program the diet soulution…and she wont buy it for her becuz she just bought the other one, so she says tds made her lose weight then it stoped but she only lost 12 pounds..and gained it back, anyways she has asked me to ask you, how much weight have you people lost week to week, is it 2-3…4-5…5-10 pounds. and if she’d have to buy all types of things she already eats organic, * eveytime i go their thats all their ever is…ORANGIC everying lol.* sorr this is probly long..but anyways, 3 questions – how much do you lose week to week, – if that person who made this * sorry i havent looked up this program..so i have no idea their name :g * lost all that weight like sandra said, could my cousin lose that much? she said she wants to lose 82 pounds.. and she is desperate she asks me to buy all these machines..and everything, she even gives me money for it. but i turn her down :l, and 3 – how long does it take to start to work if she follows it corretly? n thanks.sorry .it was long sorry :l*

    • Hi Susie – I can only speak for myself, and keep in mind that I didn’t follow FBF perfectly as I said before, but I did a good job with the exercise part, and lost 2 pounds a week. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot compared to what some diets claim, and what biggest loser people lose, but I think 2 pounds a week is a solid and realistic goal – and the most important thing is that I kept the weight off!

      The problem with most fad diets is they show lots of weight loss on the front end, but the weight you’re losing is water weight and you gain the weight back quickly when you stop doing the diet.

      Fat Burning Furnace teaches you how to increase lean muscle mass quickly so that you burn more fat, and that’s how you lose weight long term. To answer your last question I started losing weight right away. I think I lost 4 pounds the first week actually. Like you I’m interested to hear how other people have done on FBF. Thanks for your comment and good luck!

  51. hi, will it or for teenagers also? 15 – 16? if i have alot to lose? like 60-80 poundS? ive spent to much of my own money on stuff..and most of my moms money, that i rele need something to work or ima give up 😡 does it rele work..?

    • Hi Hailey – Fat Burning Furnace absolutely does work. I used it myself and lost 16 pounds over a couple months. That being said, at 15 you should talk to your doctor first. FBF requires exercise and a specific diet, and you should get your doctor to give you a clean bill of health before starting either. Good luck!

      • 16 pounds over a cupple of months? that seeems like nothing.. for someone who has to lose alot – considering you hailey at 15-16, if you have to lose 60-80 pounds to be at a healthy weight, rich since it took you months just to lose 16 pounds..wuldent it take her a year?..i don’t think she has a year, me myself have 50 pounds to lose considering i g0 back to high skool next year wich is months away. culd i do it? and culd she do it? within a few months..i heard on the website he said 8 weeeks and he lost 40-50 sumthng pounds i dont remember the actuall number sorry but if it only took him 8 weeks..and took u a few months? whats th real answer. did he actually do it in 8 weeks? or a year or 5-8 months?

        • Hi Sandria – thanks for the 3 comments! I’ll just post this one and reply to it – To be fair, I didn’t stick to FBF closely as I should have. I have a bit of an ice cream weakness. :) Personally I think 2 pounds of weight lost a week is solid. It no doubt took more than a year to gain 50-80 pounds, so if it only takes a year to lose the weight that’s reasonable. Even after losing some of that weight, you’re going to look and feel much better. Remember that losing weight too fast is dangerous. The biggest loser contestants have doctors with them 24/7 – and most of us don’t have that luxury. Either way, the important thing is to get started, and even if it takes a year to reach your goal, that’s an impressive result considering that 2/3 of American adults are now overweight. I can’t speak for Rob and his results, but I believe that what he’s saying is true. If you’re really motivated to lose weight fast, I’m positive you could lose weight more quickly on Fat Burning Furnace than I did. Whichever way you decide to go, I wish you both good luck!

          • rachelll! says:

            hai yall, im rachel im 15 and im so overweight im 200 pounds, i want to lose all of this ugly fat by next year for highskool…im home skooled this year, and was wondering how much you lost on fbf and how quickly, and rich hey, how much could i lose if i followed this for a 1 month whats the average weightloss per month for this product? i want to lose 82 pounds, just i dont no any product that works..and sandria – you said he lost 50 pounds in 8 weeeks…well dang! could i lose that much rich?

          • Hi Rachel – I can’t make any claims about potential weight loss for others, I can only speak about how much I lost. I lost 8 pounds a month and was happy with the results. I’m sure with more exercise and less ice cream :) I could have dropped a couple more. Remember that for each pound you lose you have to create a 3500 calorie deficit between exercise and diet – and if your daily requirement is 2000 calories, it takes a LOT of work to lose more than 2 pounds a week. 2 pounds = 1000 calorie deficit a day. A doable recommendation is to add 500 calories worth of exercise daily, and reduce your diet by 500 calories a day to lose 2 pounds a week. It helps a lot if the calories you do eat are easy for your body to process – so fruits, veggies, and unprocessed food. Does that make sense? Good luck!

          • hey rich how much do you lose a week to week bacis.

          • Hi Glenn – as I said above, I lost 2 pounds a week mostly sticking to Fat Burning Furnace. I think others have lost more, but the key to the diet program is that I lost fat – not just weight. Thanks, and good luck!

  52. OK is this a diet where you eat six times a day?

    • Hi Dennis – Rob advocates eating 5 to 6 meals a day. They don’t all have to be the same size, so it’s really more like eating the 3 standard meals and having healthy snacks in between. There are lots of different opinions on this, but most studies show that smaller more frequent meals help with weight loss. Thanks and good luck!

  53. Will FBF work for me if I only have 5-10 stubborn pounds to loose..? I am a 41 woman. Thanks. And can you drink at all? Even an occasional glass of red wine?

    • Hi Michele – The best way to shed those last few stubborn pounds is by mixing up your diet and exercise routine – and Fat Burning Furnace will do that for you.

      It’s easier to lose weight if you don’t drink because alcohol turns to acetate in your system and while your body is burning off acetate it doesn’t burn fat. That being said an occasional glass of wine shouldn’t make much difference. Good luck!

  54. ok, so ive been on fbf on and off for the past 3 and a half weeks. i feel really bad because i haven’t been consistent which i couldn’t control. but newhoo, ive been on it and trust me, u start to see results in the first two weeks. a noticeable difference that others have pointed out. i love fbf because it is not a lose 30lbs in 5 days type of diet/workout! the plan is easy to follow, i actually do not do the weight training at the gym, i do the at home workouts and i can see results. the food plan is excellent because it tells you what foods to eat in each category and how to distribute them during the day…including snacks!!

    im now back on track with fbf and i cannot wait to try on a pair of jeans that is at my thighs in a month. im excited…please try this, its affordable and worth it its good information that we all probably know some of but the way it has been put together is what i love the most. Get it, stick with it, u will not regret it!!!

  55. Greg Melick says:

    I am interested. My concern is the food routine. Could you tell me the number of meat meals your diet will allow in a week?

    • Hi Greg and thanks for your question. The Fat Burning Furnace FBF Diet doesn’t limit the number of ‘meat meals’. It does limit portions (of course) and focuses on lean, grass-fed meats as grass fed meats have a higher ratio of healthy fats (Omega3). Good luck to you!

  56. Hello Everyone! Thanks for reading our FBF Diet Review. We’ve received several requests for account information and download help from people who have ordered the Fat Burning Furnace diet. As we are not the owners or creators of Fat Burning Furnace, we don’t have access to your account information.

    Please contact Rob Poulos and Zero to Hero Fitness for help with your account. You can email them directly at: support@zerotoherofitness.com

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