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Every Other Day Diet

My Every Other Day Diet Review

Score: 4

Website: www.everyotherdaydiet.com
Owner: Jon Benson
Company: Jon Benson Fitness
Review By: Rich Walker

Cost: $47.00
Includes The Every Other Day Diet 2.0, PDF Format (the SNAPP! System) with videos

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EODD Members Area

EODD Members Area

Skinny Mini Meals

Skinny Mini Meals

Cholesterol Lies Bonus

Cholesterol Lies Bonus

The No Struggle Plan

The No Struggle Plan

Female Power!

Female Power!

The Every Other Day Diet (EODD), by Jon Benson of ‘Fit Over 40’ fame, promises to help you shed pounds of fat while still eating your favorite foods every other day. Of course this still involves calorie restriction (dieting) on non-cheat days, but the theory is that by cheating on your diet Every Other Day, you’ll stick to your diet program long enough to lose weight.

Does the Every Other Day Diet Work? Is this the right diet program for you? Read our Every Other Day Diet Review below to find out!

The Every Other Day Diet (EODD) includes:

  • The Every Other Day Diet Guide eBook (118 pages)
  • The Radical Fat Loss Blueprint (116 pages)
  • 30 Days of Free Email Coaching
  • Unlimited membership to Jon’s Fitness Member’s Support Forum
  • Jon Benson’s weekly newsletter to keep you motivated
  • Free monthly teleseminars with special fitness guests

Plus six additional bonus eBooks no additional cost:

  • Perfect Posture
  • Cholesterol Lies
  • NaturaPause (menopause guide)
  • Skinny Mini-Meals Recipe Book
  • Female Power
  • The No Struggle Plan

You’ll also be offered the optional upgrade of Jon’s 7 Minute Body eBook. While the 7 Minute Body workout is a great compliment to the EODD eating plan, it is also very intense. If intense workouts aren’t your thing, you may be better off using a milder exercise plan with the EODD diet. We recommend you read our brief review of 7 Minute Body at the end of this review before adding this upgrade.

The Every Other Day Diet: The Basics

The Every Other Day Diet focuses on two major diet concepts that work together: interval eating and the SNAPP System of Eating. Both concepts are summarized below:

1) Interval Eating – This is the central concept of the Every Other Day Diet plan, where you alternate your caloric intake every other day, alternating between what the author terms ‘Burn Days’ and ‘Feed Days’.

Here’s a rough outline of how interval eating works. First, you determine the calories you require for weight loss, using an online calculator that the author gives you. Then your first day of eating is a Burn Day: on this day you eat unprocessed, smaller meals, five times a day. The Burn Day is pretty calorie restricted, and gives you about 70% of your calories required to lose weight. For example, if you need 1,500 calories per day to lose weight, on the Burn Day you’d only eat about 1,000 calories.

The second day is a Feed Day, where you eat pretty much the same plan as the Burn Day, except that you are allowed to eat whatever you want at the lunch time meal. For example, you could eat lasagne, a burger and fries, or whatever you can eat reasonably within a half hour period. (In other words, no going back to a buffet three times and dragging out lunch). On your Feed Day you might consume 1,900 calories, but the bulk of those calories will come at lunch time.

After two days, you start all over again. Using alternating Burn Days and Feed Days your total caloric intake for the week will still come out low enough so you’ll lose weight. For example, if you need to normally eat 1500 calories per day, to lose weight, you would still arrive at those 1,500 calories per day when averaged out over the week.

The obvious question here is, since calorie restriction is central to this plan, how do you track your caloric intake? That’s where the SNAPP System of Eating comes in.

2. The SNAPP System of Eating – The SNAPP acronym refers to the diet plan where you eat five meals per day, and where your calories are automatically restricted. The SNAPP plan also allows you to easily memorize the meal schedule, by using the letters in SNAPP.

Let’s look at the meal plan. We don’t want to divulge too much, but for example, the S stands for a balanced Shake, which is your first meal of the day, and has a balanced recipe included. The rest of the letters signify foods that you’ll eat for the remaining four meals of the day. Most of the five meals are whole, unprocessed foods, except for the ‘cheat’ lunchtime meals on the Feed Days, where you can have whatever you like.

Next, we look at the portion or calorie control that SNAPP offers. Rather than counting calories, the author gives you a few calculations that you memorize. For example, let’s say your average meal is 200 calories, and one of the meals includes nuts. The author tells you to measure the nuts just once, so going forward you automatically know how many nuts you can eat during that meal. Of course, all of his calculations tie to your particular caloric weight loss requirements.

Putting it all together – The important features of the plan are its ease of use and its flexibility. When you combine the interval eating and the SNAPP system, your metabolism remains at its’ optimal fat burning level, while allowing you to enjoy some of your favorite foods every other day.

The EODD Bonuses:

There are six bonus eBooks included in the Every Other Day Diet EODD package, plus the Radical Fat Loss Blueprint. They aren’t written by the author, as has partnered with various fitness and weight loss experts who have each written one of the books. That being said, they do bring excellent nutritional and fitness information, and complement the EODD plan.

I also read through the Radical Fat Loss Blueprint, which the author did write. It’s a separate diet for the super committed – those who want to lose 21 pounds in 21 days, and are willing to commit to a radical dietary and fitness plan in order to accomplish this goal. The author warns against misuse of this plan, and recommends it be followed only every so often as it can be hard on your body to lose that much weight that quickly.

Every Other Day Diet Pros:

  • Easy to follow SNAPP System of Eating; no calorie counting but still get results
  • Interval eating gives dieters the opportunity to eat favorite foods every other day
  • Email support included, large number of free bonuses
  • Credible author: Well known in the diet industry, also partners with 3 experts
  • Maintenance version of Every Other Day Diet is designed for long term lifestyle

Every Other Day Diet Cons:

  • Every other day your calories are restricted to an extra low level
  • Some carb restriction as well as sugar, alcohol, processed foods

EODD Diet is right for you if

You appreciate the science behind the newest diet industry trends and are looking for a diet that is a little ‘out of the box’. If you have a tough time on diets that restrict your favorite foods for long periods of time, the easy SNAPP system and alternating feed days may be a solution for you.

Our Take

Author Jon Bennet brings us an all-star lineup of fitness and health professionals in his Every Other Day Diet eBook, which he co-authors with Holly Rigby, CPT. Holly is the designer of the popular FitYummyMummy plan. John also brings in co-authors Daniel Topkis, M.S., and Dr. John Berardi.

You may have heard of Jon Bennet, as he is known for writing the bestseller Fit Over 40!, which he co-authored with fitness expert Tom Venuto. Jon’s own personal success is impressive, as well. His interest in fitness and weight loss began with himself, as he was a self-proclaimed “fatty.” He shows un-retouched Before and After shots of himself which demonstrate that he lives by example. Jon Bennet is over 40 years old and is in fantastic shape!

If you are looking for fat-burning results while still enjoying your favorite foods every other day, the Every Other Day Diet is a solid diet program and we recommend clicking the link below to learn more.

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Review of The Fitness Guide, 7 Minute Body

7 Minute Body

7 Minute Body

This 125 page eBook is designed for those who are willing to commit to intense and super focused training! The payoff is that once you learn the principles in the book, you should be able to accomplish excellent muscle building and fat burning results in less than half the time that you would normally need – usually in 7 to 21 minutes per day.

So what’s in the guide? It starts with an in-depth discussion on the topic of psychophysiology – the power of visualization and hyper mind focus for top results. It then describes a history of the various traditional strength trainer’s methods, which run 45-90 minutes long. Finally, the book discusses several studies which prove that a modified high-intensity, short-interval strength-training workout can give you the same or better results as traditional, lengthy workouts.

If you want to follow a disciplined plan, (which even uses a stop watch in its structure), you could effectively cut your workout time in half or less by using ‘7 Minute Body’. It is a very solid value, as it includes pictures of each recommended exercise, as well as a link to videos to help you use proper form. Interval training is used by most top athletes as it can help you get in great shape quickly. If you’re unfamiliar with interval training and workouts, 7 Minute Body is a good introduction and combined with the Every Other Day Diet EODD might be the perfect diet and exercise program for you.

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  1. hi, i was wondering what you think of the fat loss for food lovers diet? it’s between that and eodd that i am trying to decide which might be easier to live with long term…

    i can’t afford the flfl kit but did find the book and meal plans on amazon. Have you looked at that diet?


    • Hi Katherine – I hadn’t seen the Food Lovers Fat Loss system until you mentioned it. I’ll have to get a copy and review it, so thanks for bringing it to our attention!

      I’d say that the Every Other Day Diet is a better short-term weight loss program than a long-term lifestyle program. Of course there are parts of EODD that you can apply to your life long-term, such as spreading out ‘cheat’ meals and eating the foods that Jon recommends, but the lower calorie days are only necessary when you’re trying to lose weight. I hope that helps and good luck!

  2. jack galant says:

    Even though this program sounds good and sound ideas. But it is too expensive especially for a eBook. I am willing to pay max $19 or $29 tops, for the main book, but it would be a good idea that you offer the other eBooks as possible add on’s for about $5 or $9 each or for a total of $49 all together.

    I am not interested in hearing your reasons to justify the cost but rather, but what are you willing to do to accommodate us.
    You must come to understand that be we have paid endless times for all these programs with poor or disaster results. So price is a huge decision we can’t ignore.

    • Hi Jack – Just to be clear, this isn’t my book. The Every Other Day Diet was written by Jon Benson and it’s sold by Jon Benson on his site. I don’t sell any products on my site, so I have no control over price.

      I think cost is relative to effectiveness. If I could guarantee that you’d lose 20 pounds on EODD, then it would probably be worth the price to you. In effect, that’s what Jon has done as if you don’t get results within 60 days you get a full refund. That makes the Every Other Day Diet worth trying in my opinion.

  3. I watched/listened to the presentation given on the website. I will agree it sounds intriguing, however 47.00 for an Ebook seems off.

    I would love the opportunity to have a HARD COPY of the book, where it is more mobile and I am able to read anywhere,at anytime. I don’t think I should have to PRINT MY OWN book after paying for it, do you?

    • Hi Dave, If the cost were only for the eBook then I’d completely agree with you. As it is, you receive 2 eBooks in the core program, 30 days of email coaching, membership to Jon’s support forum, and monthly teleseminars. You also get several bonus eBooks.

      I think the cost stacks up favorably to other diet programs like Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig – and if you try the EODD program and are unhappy with it you can get a full refund which is impossible on most programs. Food for thought anyway. Good luck Dave!

  4. I really don’t get this diet…. I ordered it and feel like i wasted it. :(
    I don’t get the snapp or the caculator he included.

  5. Cndn-girl says:

    Hi, just curious about the response of other users… Did you realize it was a pdf you were purchasing for $49 Cndn, I don’t recall seeing it and I am trying to go back and see where it says this? The image of a hardcopy book is deceiving too. Also too I am not happy with all the spelling and grammar errors in this book especially for $49. There were a couple parts I did not know if I was reading it correctly or if it was a typing error. Very frustrating… I have never paid for a $49 pdf as well as a $49 book with so many errors; it was annoying and frustrating to read. I finally made it through it and do plan to start this process tomorrow, just all this has left a sour taste in my mouth towards purchasing any other items from this author. Thanks.

    • Hi Cndn-girl – I figured I’d weigh in first. I did know that it was a PDF prior to purchase and download, but I’m not sure if I read that somewhere else first – or if Jon mentions it in his EODD presentation.

      Regarding the eBook itself, while I did notice some typos, I don’t think any of them were anything major – and certainly didn’t impact the effectiveness of the Every Other Day Diet.

      I think you’re paying more for the secret of EODD and for the results that you’ll get from using the program – and in that sense the book is worth the money. I’ve seen bottles of weight-loss pills that cost more – and do a heck of a lot less.

      That said, the EODD program isn’t for everyone. While I like the frequent cheat meals (every other day) I found that the low-calorie day was too low calorie for me, and I ended up using Fat Burning Furnace to lose weight instead.

      For What it’s worth, Jon Benson – the writer of Every Other Day Diet – has been in the Health and Diet industry a long time, and is the brains behind many either diet programs – including ‘Fit Over 40’, the ‘7 Minute Diet’, and ‘7 Minute Body’.

      I think he’s credible, and EODD is one of his more popular products. The program was developed in response to other ‘cheat’ diets, and it’s solid, although I’ve heard good things about Cheat Your Way Thin too. Good luck on your diet!

      • I am over 50, have some knee problems, when I read the plan, I had to give it a try, as I love all veggies and fruits…the few mins to exercise is very easy, and I also have a vita mixer for the past 10 years, I just throw in my fruit and veggies, I have always used the chocolate protein powder, and now drink so much more water, which I should have been doing all along anyway.

        I was very concerned I could make it through the first week, and really stuck with it! I lost more weight with the every other day, it does trick the body, but a person has to have dicipline. It can be hard cooking normal for the other part of the family, but somehow, I have lost weight, and have been able to cheat with peanut butter and celery at night…keeps me happy.

        the exercise part is really easy, if you can do 9 mins, you can do 15 or so! I walk as much as I can, try to get the heart rate up…once you loose some weight, you want to loose more, and it is the healthy way to do it, the next day eodd, you can have some healthy carbs, and even some dessert on weekends, I have cheated there too, and maintained my weight without going up…still want to continue to try harder…

  6. Hi, – My name is Emiy and I just recently purchased the Every Other Day Diet Review. I was wondering which of the primer plans in the EOD plan I should use if I want to lose 25 pounds of fat in the shortest time possible. Should I switch back and forth between Lifestyle phase 2 and extreme? Or should I stick to the beginner primer plans?

    • Hi Emily – I think switching between Lifestyle Phase 2 and Extreme is a good plan – however I haven’t actually tried it, so not sure if that’s the fastest way to lose weight. In general we find that mixing up your diet is a good way to avoid weight plateaus.

      If you really want to lose fat fast, then make sure to use an exercise program too. Jon’s other program – 7 minute muscle – is short and effective.

      If you don’t already have a copy, then I’ll give you a secret. Click the link above, and when the video page opens hit ‘back’ in your browser. A pop-up will appear asking you to stay on the page. Click stay on the page and you’ll have the option of trying 7 minute muscle for only $1! Good luck.

  7. Once you choose the EODD or Every other Day Diet you will be provided a chance to purchase the 7 minute muscle. This is for those that want to have a built body!

  8. I don’t get it. You’re supposed to follow SNAPP, but we’re also given recommended breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals. So do we eat these meals and snacks along with SNAPP? Or schedule our day with just SNAPP and the meal recipes are for when you decide to stop the diet??

    • Hi Kelly, Good question, thanks for asking. The EODD plan has 5 different levels, which allow people to choose which level they want. Most of the levels only allow you to eat the SNAPP meals. For instance, if you’re just starting on EODD the author recommends that for the first 12 weeks you follow his Lifestyle, Level 1 plan. On this day you essentially eat the SNAPP meals on the Burn Days, and then every other day you are really eating the SNAPP method again, except that you’re allowed to eat whatever you want at lunch time. Again, you don’t eat anything from the menu during this time.

      Once you’ve completed 12 weeks on the Lifestyle Level 1, you can move the Level 2. This is where you’re given the opportunity to follow the recipes, called “Dieter’s Choice (DCC)” on certain days. (See page 61). So when you get to that level you can select a breakfast recipe, say, as your ‘DCC meal’. Think of these recipes as an extra reward for getting to Level 2, and losing weight.
      I hope that helps and all the best to you.

  9. Hi,

    I’m interested in this diet, but I’m vegetarian – so would it still be possible to do, or is there a strict meal plan that I have to follow?


    • Hi Sarah – There is a strict meal plan, but there are vegetarian choices, so you should be fine. Jon Benson (the writer) doesn’t focus heavily on meat. That said, this diet would be very tricky if you’re vegan, as eggs and some dairy are used, and even though there are substitutes for both, it’s easier and cheaper if you eat eggs!

  10. Hi,

    I want to buy the book, but want to make sure how will I get it after doing the purchase because a lot of people are facing this problem, buying the book but not receiving it. So would they send me a serial number or something to download the book. Really need to know.

    • Hi Suki – when we bought the Every Other Day Diet book, we received an email within a minute that had an encoded link and instructions on how to download. It was very quick and easy. If for any reason you don’t receive the book you can contact Jon Benson (the author of the book) through his help website at: http://help.jonbenson.com/

      Thanks and I hope that helps!

  11. Hi, one question: do i have to eat the meals in the same order as it is in SNAPP?? for example: after the 2nd feed which is the nuts, for me it’s lunch time! and i prefer to have the Protein at this time rather than apples because i dont like to eat at night!
    Also, i don’t like the Shakes! the idea of this diet is flexibility and how easy it is! I need normal breakfast rather than veggie shakes that i never had before specially in my country and our life style (of course that means i am not an American).

    I also want to know regarding the timing… if i wake up at 8 and have the breakfast, then 2-3 hours the nuts, then when should i have the next feed and the next one?

    Please bear with me cuz i read the book twice and i am still trying to figure how it works. My english is bad.

    On the Feed days, what can i do? do i take the breakfast, then nuts, then apples, then the junk meal, then the produce? because they mention the different thing is the lunch feed! so ?

    • Reem,
      Thanks for your excellent questions. On the EODD Diet you would want to follow the order of the meal plan that they recommend, since you’re correct – the simplicity of the plan is one of the key components that makes the diet work for people.

      Also, you say that it’s time to eat apples, when you really want a protein -also, that actually you want lunch, and you prefer a normal breakfast rather than veggie shakes. If I hear you right it sounds like this diet may perhaps not be best suited to you? If so you can contact the EODD customer service team for your full money back, and they are excellent with returns. eodd_customers@getresponse.com.

      If instead, you want to try the diet out for another week or so before deciding then I believe you have the order correct on the feed days. You can email them at that same address to ask them more detailed questions, and even how to make the diet work better for you, since they work closely with the author Jon Benson.

      If you do decide to end the EODD diet, you may want to consider the Fat Burning Furnace, which is our top selling diet. One of the reasons for this is that you’re allowed to have more of the traditional meals you might be used to, just focusing on certain healthy foods. (The diet does have an exercise program too, which you can do with or without a gym).

      Thanks again and all the best to you!

  12. please somebody help me i want to buy this book i cant find it thanks

    • Hi Moe – if you click my button above, it will take you to the Every Other Day Diet presentation, and at the end of the presentation you’ll have the option of purchasing the book.

      I’ve contacted Jon Benson and asked him if I can get a direct link to purchase the book – I’ll post it here when he send me one. Thanks!

  13. i want to know if this diet is good for me because i dont like fish and vegetables. can i still use this diet without those food.

    • Hi Dorelle – while you can probably get by without fish, it’s very difficult to lose weight and get healthy without eating vegetables. Vegetables are the best source of vitamins, nutrients, and fiber, are excellent complex carbs, and fill you up with next to no calories. I’d recommend finding some vegetables you like, and work on adding a new vegetable to your diet every few weeks. I think you’ll be surprised to find that you can get to like vegetables over time if you give them a chance – just ask my wife Kathy :)

  14. I think the diet sounds fantastic, I am seriously considering going on it. Indeed, I like the science and the psychology of it. It is important to note that it is caloric restrictive, which every (true, medical & physiological) expert will tell you is need for weight loss. This diet just does it in a smart way. If you can’t go a day without pigging out you have deeper problems.

    • Hi Frank, thanks for your comment. EODD is a very smart diet plan and Jon Benson did his homework before designing it. If you do use it, we’d love to hear how well it works for you. Good luck!

  15. Thank you for this review. It’s very useful information to have in making a buying decision. Jon Benson is great, but I don’t think I would want to do this kind of limited caloric intake.

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