Cheat Your Way Thin Review

Welcome to our Cheat Your Way Thin Review. We take Diet Reviews seriously, and actually purchase, download, and read every diet we review so you can be sure the information on this page is as honest and accurate as we could make it.

Cheat Your Way Thin is an eBook (PDF), so after you order you’ll be able to instantly download all the manuals and tools that make up the diet program.

Cheat Your Way Thin is a well designed diet program, but we have a word of caution. The sales page implies that you’ll be cheating on donuts, burgers, and fries every few days while on this diet. The reality is a bit different. ‘Cheat’ days happen twice in the first 3 weeks and then once a week after that. So you do get to cheat and eat whatever you want, but only on Saturday. Still with us? Good, let’s look at what’s included.

Cheat Your Way Thin Includes:

Cheat Your Way Thin has 2 levels – The ‘Complete Package’ and the Deluxe Upgrade. The Complete Package is $47, which gets you:

  • The 51-page Program Manual
  • Confessions of a Habitual Cheater Audio
  • The Game Changer Audio
  • No Fail Strategies Video
  • Ultra Easy Quick Reference Cards
  • Workbook & Success Journal
  • Pre-program Quick Start Checklist

For an extra $50 the Deluxe Upgrade includes:

  • 130 Recipes
  • 12 Weeks of Meal Plans
  • Calorie Calculator
  • 7 Cheat Your Way Thin Workouts
  • Email Consultation with the author

Both plans include a 60-day money back guarantee. This is one of those programs where the ‘Deluxe Upgrade’ is definitely worth it. The access to the Recipes, the 12 Weeks of Meal Plans, the workouts, and the email consultation with Joel really round out the diet plan. Our 5 star value rating is for the deluxe package.

The Basics

The Cheat Your Way Thin diet Program Manual focuses on keeping your metabolism stable and your body in a high fat burning zone. You do this by eating six times a day and eliminating simple carbs. This keeps your body from insulin spikes that trigger fat storage and also makes your body burn stored fat.

You begin the first phase of the diet with a ‘cheat day’ and then move into 18 days of eating proteins, fats, and lots of veggies which you can eat at any time. (With plenty of healthy veggies, Cheat Your Way Thin isn’t a strict ‘low carb’ program.) On day 19 you get another cheat day which you’ll no doubt appreciate by then!

Day 20 kicks off the 2nd phase of the plan where you reintroduce beans and whole grains. We would call this phase ‘carb rotation’ as Joel has you vary between low, moderate, and high carb days. You get a cheat day every 7th day and continue this weekly schedule until you reach your goal weight. At your goal weight you move into the 3rd and final phase which supports long term weight maintenance.

Cheat Your Way Thin requires that you read the manual and follow all the directions if you want this diet to work, so this isn’t exactly an ‘easy’ diet to follow. That being said, losing weight always takes some work and Joel does a good job of explaining the nutritional science that makes this diet work. The upgraded plan also includes a reasonable exercise plan that complements the diet.

Cheat Your Way Thin Pros:

  • Eat six times a day so you’re never hungry
  • Very complete program when you purchase the Deluxe Upgrade
  • Focus on simple method of portion control
  • Eat healthy meals, balanced with cheat days

Cheat Your Way Thin Cons:

  • Program is overly complicated
  • Only allows for sugar intake on cheat days
  • Some long-term carb restriction
  • Calorie counting option not recommended

Cheat Your Way Thin is Right For You If:

You want to lose weight quickly and you don’t mind doing carb rotation 2-3 times a week with a cheat day as your reward. Also, if you dig the science behind dieting and health.

Our Take

Cheat Your Way Thin is a smart and well-designed diet plan, backed by real industry professionals. We liked the Program Manual and highly recommend the Deluxe Upgrade, since it contains great meal plans and recipes. It took us 5 hours to download and review both levels of the plan, so be prepared to commit some time!
Cheat Your Way Thin should be thought of as an online program that serves as an alternative to diet programs like Lindora or Weight Watchers. If you’re able to stay motivated largely on your own then Cheat Your Way Thin is a good option.

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