A Slow Carb Diet Can Help You Lose 10 Pounds Fast

Are you looking to lose 10 pounds fast, and not sure where to turn? If so, you may want to consider a slow carb diet! Unlike the once-popular low-carb diets, the slow carb lifestyle is much more balanced, while taking advantage of the body’s chemistry to lose fat fast. In this post I’ll give you an overview what to expect from this diet, and will also share some tips to help you lose 10 pounds fast.

In order to eliminate any potential fear you may have about a slow carb diet being super restrictive, let’s take a look at what’s traditionally allowed in it:

  • The largest portion of foods includes raw and veggies, cooked in healthy oils; also most slow carb advocates also include a few servings of fruits per day.
  • The next level of focus includes healthy, lean proteins, eggs, beans, legumes and nuts.

In addition to these foods, here are some foods that are consumed in smaller quantities.*

  • Whole and sprouted grains, oats, ancient grains, spelt, brown rice and pasta.
  • A limited amount of fermented dairy (like Greek yogurt) or low-fat dairy (cottage cheese or soft cheese).

It’s important to note that some slow carb advocates, like Tim Ferriss in his best seller, 4 Hour Body, go to the more extreme side, and eliminate these foods* for faster weight loss. It’s up to you how far you want to take it. More on your options later.

What’s Not Allowed on the Slow Carb Diet?

The major group is simple carbohydrates and processed foods, including sugar. You also want to stay away from sweet beverages like fruit juices and too much alcohol.

Finally, most slow carb diet advocates recommend eliminating 50-90% of your dairy, if dairy prevents you from losing weight quickly. (This can happen with some people because even though dairy’s glycemic index is moderate, their bodies react as if it were higher on the index.)

As with the grains, you can experiment for a week with dairy and see how much of it you can eat and still lose the weight you want.

Here’s some evidence that the slow carb diet works:

  1. Look at people with diabetes – whose insulin levels and a healthy weight is important. They are asked to count their daily carb intake, and adhere to some of the principles of slow carb eating.
  2. Natural bodybuilders and diet and fitness experts have advocated a slow carb lifestyle for years. It may not have been called that, but that’s what it is. Ask any of these athletes, you’ll see they’ve followed this lifestyle successfully for years.

You see, the slow carb diet relies on updated information about the body chemistry. Some experts say that Dr. Atkins had half the formula right, in that he knew too many carbs spikes insulin levels in the body. Today we recognize that he probably just took his theory too far. This is understandable, given the vast quantities of refined foods and carbohydrates that most people consume today.

3 Top Tips to Use a Slow Carb Diet Plan to Help You Lose 10 Pounds Fast:

  • Become familiarized with the Glycemix Index. This is your guideline to eating a slow carb lifestyle. You generally want to consume most foods in the low glycemic range, which is under a 55 according to the point system.
  • Focus on healthy foods that are outlined above. You don’t need to buy a plan, but a book might be a good way to get and stay on track. Again, while diet advocates agree that veggies and lean proteins as the centerpiece of this plan, they do differ in their limitation of whole grains, dairy and even fruit. The key is to select a plan and stick with it. (On the more food-restricting plans, diet creators like Tim Ferriss offer a ‘cheat day’ where you can enjoy your favorite cheeses, breads and anything you like.)
  • Get support: As with any diet plan, consult your doctor first to be sure you’re in good health. Enlist support from your family, join a group online or anything that will help you reach your goals.

Sometimes science takes a quantum leap. Like when we developed the know-how and technology to fly to the moon. The same holds true for nutrition and diet! The slow carb diet has evolved as we learned more about modern nutrition.

Slow carb eating is really more of a lifestyle than a ‘diet’. When you eat slow carb you may be pleasantly surprised at your ability to not only lose 10 pounds fast, but also to adopt a powerful and effective eating plan that you’ll enjoy long term!

Where to go from here

If you’re looking to lose weight it really helps to have a weight-loss blueprint. The one diet program we’ve reviewed on this site that sticks closely to the slow carb lifestyle is Fat Loss 4 Idiots.

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